Turkey vs Germany 25 Jun 2008

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Off to the Hockey Park in MönchenGB tonight to watch the Turkey Germany game and have a few scoobies.

Not really bothered who wins the game but cant wait to watch the German and Turkish fans having a go at each other.

Think I'll stand in the middle and wind them up against each other and then do a runner. Social handgrenade that I am.

Come to think of it I reckon there will be more violence if Turkey win cos the Germans hate losing.

2-0 to Turkey please
I don't really give a sh*t who wins either. As such i hope its 15-15 with 6 red cards and decided by a controversial penalty decision (to either side) in the last seconds of extra time.

That should make it interesting!


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me_who_else said:
Hey its the choice of Bratwurst against Kebap!!!! Bratwurst will always win there is meat :)
Corrected your typo there, fella.

I've got Germany for a 2-0 in a little predictions league going around the office, and I'm nicely placed for a final rush to the top of the table in the final games with a bit of luck. £7.50 at stake here, but apart from that I couldn't care less.

Spain/Russia, however, is a little more important. I've got that 2-2 at the end of normal time, and I'm hoping Russia go through. I got them in a sweepstakes with some mates at home, and I should be guaranteed about £40 for second place - if they win the lot (God forbid) the top prize is usually about a ton. That would come in very handy indeed :)

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