Turkey still trying to join EU

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tekirdag, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Turkey's prime minister Erdogan is visiting Europe, to press again for EU membership.

    However, Turkey should NEVER be allowed to join the EU - for many reasons, and not just those regarding Cyprus as is commonly cited. These include:

    The Sivas massacre

    Regards the Salman Rushdie incident (the Satanic Verses), the worst demonstrations around the Islamic world were in Turkey!

    In Sivas, forty Alevi intellectuals and poets - supporters of free speech - gathered to play music and read poetry. And the rabid Islamic Turkish mob burned them all to death. Yes, this is the moderate Turkey that Western politicians want to allow into Europe! The Turkey that burns you to death if you practice free speech and read poetry!

    The Sivas Massacre:

    Oppression of Christians

    This same Turkey still persecutes Christians, to this day. I know two Turks who have privately confessed to being Christian - but they made us swear not to tell anyone. Is this the Turkey we want in Europe?


    The population of Turkey has tripled in 30 years. They now have 20 people to man one petrol station, just to soak up the numbers. Can anyone comprehend the demographic flood that would engulf Europe, if Turkey joined the EU?

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  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, you are a teensy bit OTT, but all the things that you point out are factually correct. It's an odd country, to be sure, with a (nearly) european bit in the West, and then as you go east - by the time you get to Anatolia/Kurdistan, you may as well be in Afghanistan.

    More importantly than persecuting people due tootheir religion (sadly, a common enough thing all over that part of the world), the Turkish govt has started pressuring those who make and sell alcohol, and those who dare to breed Pigs.

    Any Govt that bans Bacon and Beer is pretty damn weird, IMHO. They aren't part of Europe, and should stop pretending otherwise.
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  3. Let Turkey and the TRNC in and kick out the Greeks. At least the Turkish military know how to fight.
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  4. An excellent idea - another 78 million Muslims with European passports and the right to free passage direct to the UK
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  5. Let them join and let's print even more money.
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  6. What could possibly go wrong?
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  7. Can't we give them our slot?
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  8. @Old Snowy,the Turks brew their own beer!

    The one Country that is totally rabid about Turkey NOT being allowed into the EU is Germany,they´ve got 3 million of the bast*rds and of those about 1 million have been claiming dole since the Berlin Wall came down.
    Be interesting to see the Turks and the Pakis killing each other over who should run the local Taxis though,nearly every large City´s Taxis have been taken over by Turks in Germany.
    The USA has been campaigning for Turkish entry to the EU because they know that within a few short years that Europe will be on its knees.Just imagine the child benefit that each country would have to pay once they start knocking the snotters out to bump up their dole and social security payments.Even 3rd generation Turks hate the Germans though they educated them and have given them opportunities they could only dream of in Turkey.After 50 years of Turks here there is very little or no integration,Erdogan wants all Turks living here to speak fluent German with no accent but not to be able to integrate but to be able to increase their influence here and force local labour out,It´s like having a swarm of locusts that picks you to the bone once they´ve taken everything else off you.
    There´s some good ones but they´re sadly in a very tiny minority.
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  9. Please not in my lifetime, we don't need or want 78 million muslims beating a rapid path to these shores.

  10. Why would they want to join this cluster foxtrot???
  11. Has anyone done the joke about voting for Christmas yet?
  12. Surely you and your fellow neo-nazis are the equal of a few Turkomen?
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  13. Sadly you have just described the whole of Western Europe.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Err, that's the point. The Turkish Govt, via its Ministeries and machinery, is putting definite pressure on this (And I don't mean the fizzy in the Efes either). Frankly, all Lager Beer like that is piss, but it's the point of th ematter - they are being forced, slowly, to stop making it, as it is un-islamic.

  15. Arbeit macht frei much?