Turkey steps up offensive in Iraq after Kurdish raids

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. BBC News 20 October 2011 Last updated at 13:48 GMT
    A major Turkish military offensive is continuing in northern Iraq, following a deadly attack by Kurdish rebels inside Turkey.

    Ankara said 22 battalions, or about 10,000 soldiers, were taking part in the operation in northern Iraq and also south-eastern Turkey.

    The troops - including commandos and paramilitary forces - are being backed by war planes and helicopters.

    On Tuesday, Kurdish PKK rebels killed 24 soldiers near the Iraqi border.

    The attacks in Hakkari province are thought to have inflicted the biggest loss on Turkish forces since 1993 and President Abdullah Gul has vowed to avenge them.

    In recent months, violence between the army and Kurdish rebels from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) has mounted.

    PKK guerrillas are seeking greater autonomy in Turkey's Kurdish-dominated south-east.

    Tens of thousands of people have died in the conflict since 1984.

    BBC News - Turkey steps up offensive in Iraq after Kurdish raids
  2. Kurds have “no friends "
  3. Well that was inevitable.
  4. I hope the Turks kick the shit out of them.
  5. Turkey launches incursion into Iraq - Russian Times

    Someones gonna get a kickin'.

  6. Maybe Tekirwalt® is a kurd rather than a turd?
  7. Wiki - The genetic bond claim between Kurds and Jews

    Who'd of thunk it.... ?
  8. 'Good' - that is all I can think of to say.
  9. I hope not, for two reasons:

    1. I like the Kurds
    2. I'll be in Erbil all next week

    Best check insurance
  10. I was in Turkey on Op Warden (the peaceful bit after Op Haven) and we, the French and the US had daily missions over Northern Iraq protecting the Kurds from Saddam. On the weekly 'Down days' that the Combined forces had, the Turkish Air flew Missions in clanky F4's and alike to bomb suspected Kurdish Militant bases in far eastern Turkey.

    So we protected the south side of the Turkish-Iraqi border while sitting back and allowing them to bomb the shit out of the northern side. Crazy!!

    Even worse, I had to be careful where I eat my Kebabs down near the Adana seafront as the PKK had a bounty out on our heads of any Coalition member. damned inconsiderate.