Turkey police shoot bomb suspect

Just breaking on the beeb.

Turkish police have shot a suspected suicide bomber outside government offices in the capital Ankara.
Turkish TV said the suspect ran towards the entrance of the justice ministry before being hit by bullets.

Witnesses said the man had been unable to detonate his explosives. Some reports said he died at the scene.

There is no indication of the motive of the alleged militant. Turkey has been clamping down on militant groups, some with suspected links to al-Qaeda.

The area, in the centre of the city, was cordoned off, as bomb squad agents searched the man.

A year ago a leftist group claimed responsibility for a bomb explosion in a hotel in Ankara where US President George Bush was due to stay, before a Nato summit.


CNN has a bit more:

ANKARA, Turkey (CNN) -- Turkish police have shot and killed a suspected suicide bomber as he ran toward Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's office, police said.

The shooting occurred about 10 a.m. (0700 GMT) Friday outside the Ministry of Justice in Ankara.

The man apparently was about 30 feet from the ministry's security line when guards noticed him and tried to stop him, CNN Turk reported.

He broke into a run and headed toward Erdogan's office. Guards fired shots in the air before shooting the man.

Witnesses said the man was about 35 years old and had his hands behind his back.

"The event is not important and doesn't affect our duties," Justice Minister Cemil Cicek told reporters outside of the ministry after the incident, The Associated Press reported.

Although authorities did not immediately confirm the man was a suicide bomber, a CNN Turk correspondent on the scene said a device removed from his body after the shooting was a bomb.

Police cordoned off the area in front of the ministry, and the suspect could be seen lying on the ground as a member of the bomb squad, wearing protective clothing, removed his shirt and then a tan colored cylinder with wires coming out of it, according to AP.

Members of militant Kurdish, leftist and Islamic groups are active in Turkey and have carried out bombings in the past, AP said.
If it had happened in London the cops would be suspended and the brass apologizing to the editor of The Guardian.

Bah! When I read the title of this post, I thought that Turkeys had been assigned their own police service, a bit like the BTP only just for Turkeys!

Nevermind crime in the Turkey Coops continues.

Not a fan of warning shots. Even matelots are taught (by booties) that warning shots waste ammunition, are dangerous to non coms, suggest you don’t really mean it, suggest you are shitting it, let the fcuker get nearer his target.

Good result all the same.
I watched the footage on CNN world. It seems that they guy set off a metal detector at the outer perimeter of the security zone. He got stopped and handcuffed with his hands behind his back, but apparently could manage to escape before he was searched. The footage shows him disappearing in a crowd running towards the PM's building and then you could hear some shots being fired.

I spent some time in Ankara working with what they called their Special Branch - Special in that most of them could read as well as write. However, what one did not do was mess them about as they had very little sense of humour when it came to their duties.

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