Turkey for summer hols?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by PeacePhlapps, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Me and the better half are looking at Turkey for a week's holiday at the end of June.

    Has anyone got any recommendations on where to go?

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Going there myself end of June... not planning to bump me off and take my place are you? From what I've heard it's going to be hot where ever you go. Take a flick through brochers and check out trip advisor.
  3. Depends what your wife looks like :D

    Heard some nice things about Marmaris, don't want to do much apart from the standard beer pickled lobster impression, maybe a bit of diving one day and maybe a day trip or two.
  4. I went last year to turkey , went to marmaris, great place , july i went , i looked on trip adviser after i booked a hotel and it had a bad rating so i maneged to cancel and rebook!! i stayed at the " club negris beach hotel" Its perfect m8, its right on the beach , plus wen you come out the hotel on the beach front left or right turn you have all the bars discos , live entertament etc!! , the hotel is set back and you cant hear the noise either so thats good , plus the is about 7 security guard on 24 hours a day securing the whole place which is good to see!!!,, its all inclusve , food was spot on , steak , chicken salads , any drinks, staff are good too , so bare this one in mind m8 , THOMPSON do this holiday so check it out!! :arrow:
  5. Icmeler and Marmaris are the most popular ,We. spend most of the summer in Icmeler,the dolmus are handy,from there to Marmaris they stop running at 2300,after that taxi.The jewellery is realistically priced, and guaranteed 18 carat.If you have selected your hotel ,go on to Holidaywise or Holidaytruths it will give you an in depth appraisal of the place you wish to stay .The boat trips are good value dinner included,enjoy it
  6. If you want decent diving, go to Sharm in Egypt! You can do the pyramids as well.
  7. Marmaris is at the bottom of a huge bay, very busy, large, noisy and hot, lots of hassle.
    Icmeler is only 3 miles away, but more manageable, easy to get to Marmaris for days/ nights out if you want, but much nicer atmosphere.
    Try to get near the seafront, some places are way back up the valley, too far to walk, use www.holidaysuncovered.com
    Don't know if she's still there, but there's a trip agency on the beach with an English lady called Valerie (married to a local) and she is tops for advice.
    Diving is good, but I didn't enjoy the big outfit there, think it was called European Diving School?
    Too "follow the leader" Valerie put me on to the "Scorpion Brothers" more laid back.
  8. Time of year and temperature

    May just about right heat wise if you go nearer the end of May

    July and August, gets damned hot, anywhere in the 40's from low to high

    September, similar to may, nice and hot during the day, cool but not cold at night

    Marmaris is for the younger generation, mainly clubby types or bar crawls

    Icemelar, just up the road from Marmaris, quieter mainly restaurant bars, but not the hassle of drunken chavs, ala Marmaris :)

    Sarigerme (spelling) 20 mins from Dalaman, complex/all-inc place, mostly none brits, so much nicer to relax!!!, not much of a local town, but has a shopping street, "Haggle"
    There are two comlexes right next door to each other, one mostly brits, one a mixture, the mostly brit one is chav city, the other nice if you can put up with the germans and the russians.

    Not been to any other resort, but of those three, I would recommend Sarigerme, depending on your age group.

    Ive been 4 times now, 3 to Icemelar, once to Sarigerme, went to Marmaris for a night, and its not my thing, but then, im old now :)

    Turkey is a great holiday spot, but places differ depending on what you look for in a holiday.

    Just dont travel with Goldtrail.
  9. Try Fethiye - nice working coastal town with options to go to Calis Beach in one direction and Olu Deniz in the other - check out paragliding off the top of the mountain behind the beach.... Lots of restaurants/bars to choose from. There is a nice big market on a Tuesday (possibly Wednesday) that is definatly worth a look and experience. Flights go into Dalaman, transfer is something like 45 mins to an hour depending how manic your driver is. I liked the place, but has been a few years since I last visited there.
  10. Been to Sharm and Taba Heights in the last few years, loved them both and tempted to go back but just fancy a change and Turkey's a bit better value too.

    Cheers for the all the replies so far, will definitely be checking out Icemelar
  11. Myself and Mrs Stilts had our honeymoon in Turkey last year, we stayed in Side. We found it was cheeper spending euro's than Tukish Lira, how that pans out now wuth the Euro being so low I don't know.

    Side is on the Med coast and about an hour from Antayla, it has lots of Roman / Greek ruins. but the old town is full of shops selling counterfit clothing / goods.

  12. I agree Side is a great place to visit, when I was there there did seem to be more germans than british but it might have changed. Further east is Alanya which if I remember had a castle/fort and a good beach. Certainly would visit that area again as it was a little off the british beaten track.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    We've been to Turkey a couple of times. Cheaper and more friendly than Greece, and better food IMO.

    We stayed at Olu Deniz a couple of years back and the Memsahib found she'd lost her lighter when we got back. Daft bint. A silver Collibri, prez from her dead Dad and much loved.

    So she rings the hotel and they ring back 1/2 hour later to say they found it down the sofa. "Do not worry. We will return it". Two days later some bird bools up at our front door with the lighter. They gave it to a Thompsons rep who gave it to an air stewardess who drove to our house with it. Words failed me.

    Tip - rent a car and visit some Roman ruins. Theres loads and apart from Ephysis (SP?) lots of them are proper ruins. Overgrown, goat tracks, deserted and spectacular as hell.

    *Edit* Tip # 2... if you are near Kaya the Ghost Village, its well worth the trip. Spooky Spooky.
  14. Antayla is rather pleasant and close to some historic places. There's a beautifully well-preserved amphitheatre at Aspendos which is occasionally still used.
    I lived in Turkey for a couple of years on and off (mainly in the north). It's a great country and wonderful people.
  15. Hi Mate yeh, Club Atrium in Mamaris, been there every year since 1996 absolute quality loads to dao and verry cheap and only around 60-80 mins transfer time from dalman airport.

    If you end up going to Turkey dont for get you need a nice crisp £10.00 note per person to get in to the counrty.

    i wouldnt advise renting a car over there though

    its cheaper to get a the local mini busses called a dolmus or something like that

    june and july are also verry hot over there!

    Hope this helps