Turkey calls meeting of NATO members on Tuesday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Jet downed in international airspace and was shot down 15 mins after briefly straying into Syrian airspace.

    Foreign Secretary William Hague 'gravely' concerned about Syria's 'outrageous act in' downing Turkey military plane
  2. Calm down, calm down. They'll issue a strongly worded press announcement condemning the Syrians.

    Quid pro quo.
  3. So that's how the yanks get around the UN and Russian strange how the jet gets shoot down just at the right tine
  4. What's this years line in tin foil hats like?

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  5. Are you suggesting a conspiracy theory there?
  6. Cock up not conspiracy
  7. Another conference and another waste of mineral water, biscuits and hotel rooms.
  8. "Captain Mehmet. Here are your orders. Very briefly violate Syrian airspace and then get shot down 15 minutes later. You don't need to know why..."
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  9. Don't you just love a conspiracy theory.
  10. I think the one way Obama can make sure he doesn't get re-elected would be to get sucked into a Syrian civil war over the deaths of a Turkish aircrew. There'll be lots of huffing and puffing, and slagging off of the Russians and Chinese and not much more.
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  11. Proper conspiracy would be a repainted US radio drone with no Turks in it, "Capt. Mehmet here's a million dollar now bugger off."
  12. Conspiracy? Doubt you'd get the Turkish aircrew to volunteer to get themselves killed.
    It is quite convenient though
  13. Isn't that what I said, but in fewer words?
  14. Pretty much, but was specifically addressing the point that this is unlikely to be part of some evil Yankee plot.
  15. If Turkey decides to smack back at Syria and decides it needs the backing of NATO.... Can America actually tell Turkey to **** off? Obama might have no say in another Middle Eastern who-haa.