Turkey and the European Community

Turkey wants to join the European Community.

It’ll end in tears. Those of Turkey if the French and the Germans keep them out (I hope so) and those of the rest of us if 70 million Turks get the right of abode in the other member states. I bet the Turks won’t want to have a shot at living and working/living and scrounging in one of the ascendant countries (Romania for example).

Much is made of Turkey’s membership of NATO but Turkey needed NATO as much as NATO needed Turkey. Things have changed. I see Turkey’s EC membership as an open door to serious immigration from Asia/Arabia into Western Europe. Blag a Turkish passport and a get on the gravy train.

GOD HELP US! We are all feckin doomed.
Is there anything that Bliar doesn't think is the best thing since sliced bread - apart from us that is?
There's a good article in the Guardian about this.


The para below summarises the article -

The irony is that the European political forces opposed to Turkey's entry because it is Muslim are precisely those likely to be in broad agreement with the conservative social views of Erdogan and his party, and with their conviction of the centrality of religious faith. Equally, the political forces in Europe most in favour of Turkish entry are the left and liberal groups least likely to share such views.
Basically, if the Turks join (under their current Govt), the people who most strongly opposed their entry will try to ally with them in Europe to defeat legislation for liberal causes. Similarly, the liberals who are most strongly in favour of Turkey joining might get a shock when their new chums fight tooth and nail against womens' rights, gay rights, etc.

Could be interesting.
Turkey is not European. A little bit of it is on the European continent but 95% of it is in Asia. It is practically third world ( like some of the other countries being admitted). It is cheap pirated junk central, surely not good for our collective economies. It is not multi cultural like the rest of Europe and the rest of Europe will not be upping sticks and going to exercise their right of abode in Turkey should Turkey become a member state. The traffic will be (as at present) all one way.

Think of Turkey as blondbint and the EC as ARRSE. You don’t belong, stop trying to blag your way in.

EC as ARRSE? Already is.
I can't see Turkey's eastern borders being that secure either. Anyone coming across there is faced with zero border checks all the way to Dover, and then it'll just be a case of 'Welcome to Blair's Britain'.
Turkey isn't joining so that its citizens can benefit from the Eurpoean Court of Human Rights & standard sized bananas.
It wants in for the subsidies(read as more taxes for us).
Biggest mistake we ever made was begging(& paying) to join the EEC.
Thanks to Ted Heath; which proves that ALL our Politicians are cnuts. :evil:

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