Turkey and Iran to grab Kirkuk? (tinfoil chapeaux)


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From that fount of prophecy and wisdom, DEBKA:

Iran and Turkey Prepare for War in Iraqi Kurdistan

DEBKAfile Exclusive Military Report

September 24, 2006, 5:58 PM (GMT+02:00)

Turkish tanks in Kurdistan.

A new Middle East war is in the offing. DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources in Iraq and sources in Iran reveal that Turkish and Iranian air units as well as armored, paratroop, special operations and artillery forces are poised for an imminent coordinated invasion of the northern Iraqi autonomous province of Kurdistan.

Our sources pinpoint the target of the combined Iranian-Turkish offensive as the Quandil Mountains (see picture), where some 5,000 Kurdish rebels from Turkey and Iran, members of the PKK and PJAK respectively, are holed up. Iranian and Turkish assault troops are already deployed 7-8 km deep inside Iraqi territory.

Turkey to the northwest and Iran to the east both have Kurdish minorities which have been radicalized by the emergence of Iraqi Kurdistan in the last three years.
The three contiguous Kurdish regions form a strategic world hub.

A jittery Washington foresees a Kurdish-Iranian military thrust quickly flaring into a comprehensive conflict and igniting flames that would envelop the whole of Iraqi Kurdistan as well as southern Turkey and Armenia.

Arik? Why would the Sads want to promote this weird idea ?

" 8 out of 10 snake presence indicators show no snake..."

Le Chevre
hmmm.... we'll have to watch and wait.

I would be interested to see where they think that a line can be drawn between ethnic cleansing and "Keeping the terrorists at bay".

It wouldn't be the wisest thing to do by either party methinks....

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