Turf Lodge - my how things have changed...

I was browsing on the web today while having a brew and found this link to a swish apartment for only £130K in west Belfast.

The address rather caught my eye though - it's smack in the middle of the Turf Lodge estate. Just a stone's throw from the old site of Fort Monagh. Here's the link -


It all looks rather different from how I remember it in the 70's. The grafitti, feral dogs, burnt out cars, piles of rubble and the local hippocrocapigs blowing whistles and banging bin lids on the pavements have all gone. It might look a bit more upmarket these days but I'll pass on going back for a visit just in case


I hear there's a farm near Ballybinaby coming on the market soon.


At least with that address firearms ownership should be less of a problem!

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