whats everyones experiance with these?? ive been through 3 myself in the past 14 weeks, always prone to damage and pretty crap on the fuel economy. Anyone found them usefull?
the main problems ive had with mine are failing to ignite and running out of gas after lighting hexi stoves two or three times
If they get wet they dont work in my experience. The lifeboat matches that come with 24 rat packs do though every time.
You could always try this: Please note that this was made before he ate all the pies
I've got a civvy turboflame, and when they work they're very good; quite a few seem to have ignition problems though. Turn upside down and use a small screwdriver of the tip of a knife to press in on the fuelling valve; you'll hear the hiss as trapped air escapes. Keep going until the hissing stops. Then refuel with decent gas; Swan is good. Leave for at least two minutes before lighting. Doing this whenever it gets low, I've never had problems with the piezoelectric system, and the fuel lasts longer. Give it a clean occasionally with compressed air (or just blow on it).

Keep it dry.
You only do that every time you refuel them. Mine easily lasts a fortnight on a full tank.

Forgot to say earlier; be aware of the altitude; mine stopped igniting in Norway above 1500m.

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