Dublin they've all seemed to have left Arrse. However if you are who I think you are the brother of one of your mates from Stormont is in C Coy. He's a peeler if that adds any more (your mate, not his brother).
not sure bout the b sqn lot but there's a couple of us much better quality c coy here!
Dublin said:

Are there any past or present members of B Sqn TUOTC out there?
Yup, I'm in B Sqn. But we've got our own in house forum sotend to hang around in there a bit which may explain the lack of replies so far for you. :)
Hi all,

Well there was 4 ex-members of B Sqn living it up large in Edinburgh over the weekend for the Rugby. What a result for Scotland.

So whats the story with B Sqn? They still the monster piss heads? First into the bar, last out?

There is another gathering this weekend as one of the old PMC's of Dundee is getting married. Wedding in Aberdeen Should be a quiet weekend!

Anyone interested in keeping this blog going?

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