Read "Below Flanders Fields" really good book about the tunnel companys, the man in Charge of tunneling John Norton Greiffiths was a Brecon man who had learned about tunnelling on the costruction of London Underground, he went on to do work on the Nile Dams, his father built Brecon Market Hall, the one by The Punch Bowl pub
A very worthy enterprise as tunnelling and excavations did form a significant part of our war measures.

I’m sure we’ve covered tunnelling before, but no harm to bring it out again in support of this cause. There have been a couple of informative docus touching on some harrowing aspects. Not just the usual perils, i.e. cave-ins, but encounters with enemy tunnellers resulting in hand-to-hand in complete darkness with combatants literally feeling uniforms to identify foe. Other times they blew each other up underground. :omg:

Here’s another amazing article you may care to read:

schweik said:
Try also "Birdsong" by Sebastian Foulkes (a novel).
Yes - but one that follows the "Oh what a lovely war school of history". The war sort of ends with the protagonists still in tunnels on the old frontline, as if 1918 never happened!
Look for The Underground War a 1998 Documentary and Time Team - Special - 38 - The Lost WWI Bunker


singha61 said:
Look for The Underground War a 1998 Documentary and Time Team - Special - 38 - The Lost WWI Bunker
I found the hype an anti-climax, they found fuc& all except some wellies and a pump.
I posted this below on the Sappers forum not to long ago. I think the film will be out shortly.

The Aussies have made a film about tunnelers during WW1 which is due to be released this year sometime. I think the title is 'Beneath Hill 60' I hope they don't go in for the pommy bashing like they did in Gallipoli. Here is a link: http://www.beneathhill60.com.au/intro.htm
singha61 said:
Look for The Underground War a 1998 Documentary and Time Team - Special - 38 - The Lost WWI Bunker
Anyone seen "One of Our Mines Is Missing"?

IIRC it was a British Army Museum co-production and featured a bunch of utter loony retired Sappers looking for an enormous missing mine under the Canadian cemetery on Vimy Ridge.

Found a partially reclaimed pile of slowly degrading ammonal with no detonators, but also found a smaller mine fully-fused and ready to blow! Been sat there for 90-ish years - the EOD bloke* who made it safe was given a dedication at the end as he'd been killed clearing another set of tunnels shortly after the recording.

*I'm sure someone on here can put a name to him; came across as a top bloke, with a scarily matter-of-fact way of describing his work.
Lt Col Gwatkin of the RLC, moonlighting with the Durand Group - thus providing the answer to a pub quiz question.

What was the cap badge of the last soldier killed on Vimy Ridge?
Sympathetic_Reaction said:
Thought this was an interesting site, linked to from an interesting bit in the news.

Peter Barton came and gave a talk about the tunnelers while i was still serving it was a quality evening and we raised a sh1tload of cash for the fund. :D

Cheers Pt!

You could almost smell the brown trousers on the Canuck administrators when they are told that there's very likely a huge mine right under the main road through the site, the weekend before a major ceremony is due to take place. And it's right next to the main car park where hundreds if not thousands of people will be congregating. And it's been festering for 90-odd years. And a lightning strike (or less) could set it off. :shock:

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