Tunisia Roman sites by Road

Gentlemen, Ladies,

Can any of you shed light on travelling around Tunisia - I am planning a summer break there: Driving to Genoa, catching a ferry to Tunis, and spending about a week travelling around the place mostly looking at Roman sites. El Jem looks like a 'must'.

We'll be travelling in a hopelessly impractical car - 1938 design, no four wheel drive of course. Looking at staying in decent hotels, but would prefer ones with character, rather than the usual beach resorts or major chains.

My wife and I are both, err, well travelled, so know the usual rules about Islamic countries, and security issues. But we'd appreciate any tips (of pretty much any kind) about where to go and what to do (and of course, what to avoid).

Thanks in anticipation,

Just make sure you are booked on the M/S Tanit NOT the M/S Carthage if sailing from Genoa (Gênes). The ferry from Marseilles is better by far - operated by a French crew. PM me - can possibly assist you.
Many thanks Emsav - Marseilles is probably easier for me, an I have driven there before (and my Italian is crap, but my French passable).

PM to follow shortly.

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