Tummy Tucks in the Army

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ibilola, Aug 16, 2004.

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  1. This from today's Telegraph:

    The Army is spending more than £30,000 a year on cosmetic nose and breast surgery and "tummy tucks", it emerged yesterday.

    The cost of providing the free operations has increased 15-fold from £2,521 for 2002/2003 to £38,000 for 2003/2004.

    The bill is expected to increase further as more servicemen and women ask for the operations. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We have a duty of care to our servicemen and women which we take very seriously.

    "There has to be a genuine case that they will benefit medically." The operations are carried out at specialised units by plastic surgeons provided by the MoD.

    Last year the Army paid for four nose operations, six breast operations and a "tummy tuck" for a serviceman who had lost a large amount of weight. The operations are provided for all ranks. Gen Sir Michael Jackson, who has spent 40 years on the frontline, had plastic surgery last year.

    Sir Michael, 56, whose craggy eyes and battle-worn features earned him the title "the Prince of Darkness" is now wrinkle-free thanks to surgery.

    He claimed that he had his hooded eyelids trimmed to improve his sight when he had treatment for a cataract. It is not clear whether the Army paid for his operation.
  2. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well he was certainly wearing blinkers when it came to considering the Paras in the defence cuts (oops sorry - reconstruction)
  3. Bags I some breast surgery.
    Judging by some of the slappers in uniform with their Bergan Arrses I'm suprised more hasn't been spent on cosmetic surgery
  4. Bags I some breast surgery.
    Judging by some of the slappers in uniform with their Bergan Arrses I'm suprised more hasn't been spent on cosmetic surgery
  5. The Army doesn't have enough money in the budget to do Liposuction on all the QA arrses that are currently on regular service :twisted:

    Anyway, where would we dispose of all the fatty tissue? There would be enough to have a small island :twisted:
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    DL, are you considering have a reduction? You could feed a small Bosnian village for about 2 weeks I imagine! :wink:
  7. soap for students and wimmins rights activists.
  8. i seem to remember a civvy urologist explaining something about having to do a certain number of spefic types of ops to stay current might be the answer but of course the press don't understand things like professional standards.
  9. As the person who released the figures to the papers maybe its worth clarifying this abit. DMS staff do not perform cosmetic surgery. We do however do plastic surgery only where there is a clinical need and only when recommended by an MO.

    Unlike the Americans who offer free cosmetic surgery to service personnel and families we only do plastic surgery for a medical need.

    Last year DMS spent £36,000 on plastic surgery two thirds of which was spent on reconstructive plastic surgery for burns, facial reconstruction and accidents.

    I personally think thats money well spent. :p
  10. About seventeen years ago i had a kidney out. this resulted in a masive scar on me back . It over grew and was like a piece of rope. Went to see a plastic surgon at Rintlen. Cheeky bastard asked me what was wrong wi me NOSE. Not a lot, bit bent but it works. wonder if they need the pratcice for when they go to work for BUPA!!!!!