Tumble Dryers - Really that risky?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mikal, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Ovee the past year I ahve been reading more articles about houses going up due to faulty tumble dryers. I don't own such a luxury and have never known anyone with one have such an incident. Is it some kind of fancy insurance scam which I have never heard about?

    The latest story I picked up on is this one News & Star | News | Dryers warning after Cumbrian house blaze

    If this kit is really so bad why isn't there more publicity?
  2. Has it not got something to do with not cleaning the filter on a regular basis? Terry Wogan highlighted the problem a while back after his house caught fire.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Given that man a big gold clock. The dryer in my gaff is covered in dire warnings about the risk of fire if you don't clean the lint off the filter. And given a single load of fairly old clothes produces a good handful of highly flamable lint its down to morons. Not quite as moronic as pouring petrol in a kitchen with a gas oven on but still pretty stupid.
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  4. Even cleaning the filter regularly doesn't stop the lint & fluff getting inside the gubbins. I take the back of ours fairly regularly and vacuum the crud out which builds up near the heating elements.
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  5. I wouldn't have one of those death traps in my house.

    The same goes for electricity, gas and water as I've heard they've been complicit in the deaths of many.

    I live in a bush now, having heard of a house collapsing on its occupants.
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  6. Is the mystical "Tumble dryer" the way my woman dries clothes? she has all sorts of gubbings in that magical room she stays in, brings out hot food and cold drinks. I have no reason to venture in there.
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  7. You crazy ******, bushes have been spontaneously combusting since Exodus was written. Bob Marley was well known for it.
  8. Depends, so here's 2 simple questions that can answer that one -

    A) Can your other half turn dirty clothes clean in a day?
    B) Does your electricity bill resemble that of the Eiffel tower's?

    If you answered NO to both of these - You don't have a tumble dryer - You house is not a death trap
    If you answered YES to only A - Your clothes aren't clean, your wife's having you on
    If you answered YES to A & B - Congratulations, your wife was a tumble dryer
    If you answered YES to only B - Your wife has a plug in vibrator

    I hope that helps you out a bit.

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  9. I attended a fire in a tumble drier last year. It was 23 years old and looked like it was packed with insulation.
    It was the lint.

    Vacuum it out; it certainly can't do any harm.

    Most common causes of fires in the home:

    Careless cooking;
    Careless use of electrical appliances.
  10. Exactly right, I used to to the same thing before I gave mine up. First time I opened it was after a bit of a "hot cloth" smell and I was surprised to see just how much lint and fluff collects in there. They should make these things with an easy access pannel and instructions to do the job frequently.
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  11. Bloody Hell, thats one long lasting fire!!
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  12. Unfortunately, common sense amongst the masses is somewhat lacking, and they're not going to encourage you - let alone provide instructions - to open up the area where live electrics are, or where you could actually gain access with the machine runnning. Hence all the "No user serviceable parts within" stickers. Kind of a disclaimer.

    I don't don't put any part of myself in the rear of the machine, I prefer to take the back off and hose it down, which means I can do it while it's running without fear of harming myself.
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