Tumble dryer + extractor fan - viable?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Grey_Mafia65, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Not long moved into a new place that has a minuscule kitchen with nowhere to place or vent a tumble dryer. At the moment I've got the tumble dryer stored in the wc which has no windows but does have an extractor fan, and when I want to use the tumble dryer I'm lugging it out of there and placing in front of open back door. Obviously this isn't going to work in a few months time when it's brassic outside.

    I've had the idea of hooking the tumble dryer vent hose to the extractor fan in the wc, but would like some idea of whether this is likely to work or if that much moisture will be too much for the fan to deal with?

    Buying a condensing dryer is not an option...
  2. Got a De-humidifier ?
  3. The spending of more than £5 as a solution is verboten. Besides, isn't that basically what an extractor fan is?
  4. Our dryer simply vents through a flexible pipe and out through a hole in the wall with just the tumbler to drive the air flow. If you can't cut a hole in the wall how about a bit of bodge tape to seal the pipe to the front of the extractor? You would think the extractor would increase the flow rate, would you not? You can get a 4" flexible pipe from Amazon for a few pounds.
  5. Remove the extractor and push the tumbler pipe through the aperture.

    If you have about £20 to spend, then remove the extractor and replace with one with the cover designed to connect the tumbler pipe - they're usually standard sizes, so the new unit should simply drop in with no work.
  6. It seems to me that you will be forcing a lot of moisture through an electrical appliance that is not designed for it and that could be quite dangerous. I think 4T's idea is pretty much a better solution in the absence of a specific vent for the dryer. You would need to tape up any wires tightly to prevent moisture ingress. Make sure you tape the live and the negative separately. :) Just my 2 pennies worth.
  7. FFS GM, You know damn well that my tumble dryer is quite often hooked up to the extractor fan in the kitchen and has been working like that for at least 8 years!!!
    Edit - At worst you could just remove the fan from the wall and attach the dryer outlet direct to the hole!
  8. I should have been clearer about the floor plan. The wc is in the middle of the building i.e. no exterior walls, so knocking a hole in the wall isn't an option (and the house is rented). The extractor fan is in the ceiling and I assume the venting runs through the ceiling/floor space to the back of the house.
  9. Tbh I've only seen you using your dryer a couple of times recently, and those times the hose has been pushed out the window!

    Sounds like 4(T)'s and your edit is the way forward.
  10. It'll still work! The clues in the name EXTRACTOR fan!
  11. I think you are stuck to be honest. All the moisture once it gets up into the ceiling will just condense back into water and settle in the pipe in the ceiling. Once it's there, water will find a way out and you are just going to cause problems that could get expensive for you. It seem's to me that you need to re-consider the location of your dryer.
  12. G M,

    one other option would be ...............
    If you were to go with the option of removing the extractor fan and pushing the pipe onto that you dryer may struggle push the air along it ( it sounds as though it is a long run of pipe) and the result would be your dryer starts to trip out the overlaod stats as it will get to hot. You need to keep the extractor pipe as short as possible to minimise this problem.

    Kind regards

    R M

    ( Ex Zanussi Engineer :biggrin: )

    Yeah what RGJ bloke said too !!!
  13. I'll have a shuffty at it next time I'm over there and sort it out for you!
    Coz says thanks for the waterproofs,he'll be trying them out later today :)
  14. Even with the fluff filter/screen on the tumble dryer, it still chucks a lot of crud out into the vent hose & this, will sooner or later, clog up the electric extractor fan. Which once jammed will over heat & become a fire risk surounded with all that lint.

    Come winter, the best bet is to chuck the end of the vent hose out of a window, block the rest of the gap with cushions or pillows or, cut a vent hole in the outside door you are currently opening to vent the dryer. Cover the hole when not in use.....