Tulisa gets her hoop booted in online and other celebs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Right cheer me up, I come off shift soon and I want some covert wanking material before I fire one up the wife.....

    Tulisa Papapopissflapdopalus from the N dubz is apparently online having her back doors smashed in......

    Id be grateful if you could find for me the link and cheer me up muchly..... I have seen the pig wankerTitmus videos and a not bad with lezzaaer sesh with the darkie bord.

    So share your filthy celeb links here you dorty pervs - so I can laminate my ipad and have more sexual fantasies

    Please include ones with more kidney punches the better - whilst thier ronsons are getting devoured

    Ta muchly the dorty cunt I am
  2. Finally run out of gerbils then?
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  3. you are depraved

    [​IMG]its a wrogathon
  4. I found it earlier and its just her sucking off some wannabe gangsta. Very disappointing as I was looking forward to seeing her get smashed.

    Use yahoo (videos) rather than goggles and enter something like 'tulisa x factor sex tape'. That did the trick earlier.

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  5. Tulisa looks as though she's doing it for the first time in her life; may as well open the window and try to fuck the night.

    Like most sex tapes it's a missed opportunity. Kim Kardashian's is an even bigger let-down.
  6. Tila Tequila's on the other hand... isn't.
  7. Tulisa has issued an apology to her fans for the leaked sex tape.

    All 3 of them said they weren't bothered and the vid is shit anyway.
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  8. For goodness sake get on with it woman! I have to go out in a few minutes FFS.
  9. I need a decent link for ipad
  10. Everything just demands a log in or fucks me off to some other bullshit site
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