tuesday was a funny ole day .


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I went to a funeral of an old friend and during the ceremony five mobiles went off at different times. Now you would have thought that after the first one folks would check and confirm that theirs was off but no. One woman next to me even started texting !!

Got to the cinema later in the evening where people we texting and flashing their phones throughout the performance , two 30 something women were loudly discussing their boyfriends . it was the bloody hobbit in 3d lets have some respect .

then I discovered that we have a tidal wave or drunk driving in the area but there are only half a dozen or so coppers around to deal with it . no wonder we have so many lamposts decorated with plastic flowers around the village .

Spent Wednesday minding my own business .
People are scum, some are scummier scum than the other scum but in the main people are scum.

Even you reading this now - you have your scummy moments despite how much you might try to be decent.

So don't be surprised if people do such things, see point 1 for reasons.
Just before Christmas I went to the funeral of a old school friend. At the crem someone used their phone to video the coffin as it passed through the curtains.
When I read threads like this, I thank fuck I left the UK. Sure, there are some problems out here in the land of the Mountie, but in the main folk here treat each other with respect and actually say hi to you in the street!! I've sat in a cinema where some gobby yoofs were gabbing away and when someone asked them to stfu, they did and apologised for talking!
Cernunnos, where do you get those gifs from? I thought the arse slapping one was a gem, but lardy coming to an abrupt halt has made my day!!
Some towns here in the UK do have manners and respect for others. Some have lost control over that and will probably get worse as a result. I've also seen some towns get bad and improve a little so there is hope. Do what you can to show good conduct. Shine a light. To some extent that's all you can do without interfering in other people's lives.
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