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Read and heard about horror stories concerning registering Tax Free cars on the German net, even conflicting stories from people who have returned from the same Zollamt.....! I would like to get a heads up on what the procedure is for doing this. My proposed plan is to sell RHD car in UK and then buy Tax Free car LHD as my final car for when I eventually settle in germany. This LHD would clearly be BFG'd. When drawdown occurs I would lose entitlement then register car on German net. Would I pay tax? Recent enquiries have resulted in, amongst others, 'Yes'' or 'No if you're not going to sell it'. Anybody got any recent experience of the procedure?? I followed advice from another thread to call C&I man anonymously but he wasn't really helpful and can understand why....

Tanks in advance
How long between buying the car and getting it on the German net?

I just had to get mine registered and Tuv'd (which was expensive enough) but the cars were both +5 years old so no tax to worry about.
I'm working on minimum of 1 year BFG'd, I believe anything less than that will almost certainly see me paying tax on it? Having said that, only this morning, someone said to me that so long as the car was BFG'd for minimum of 7 days and that I wasn't to sell it, I would be okay..........I'm not convinced.

Thanks Steven
You will pay the tax as you will no longer be entitled, a friend of mine who recently got out just bit the bullet and bought the vehicle tax paid on the German net.

He had to pay tax on his 4 year old Espace though which was LHD
You shouldn't have to pay tax even on the boxhead circuit if you have the car for the minimum amount of time.

I purchased my car in the last month of being in Germany. it was BFG'd for the manditory 7 days and then de-BFG'd with the customary threat letter about keeping the car until 1 year and a day past the initial BFG date (not date of purchase).

If you buy the car whilst entitled, BFG it for the customs (7 days, I think, and you MUST be entitled for the whole period) and keep it as above I can't see why you'd be stung for tax.

This a reciprical agreement for international forces based all over Europe. a Tax free car (LHD) at star of tour, a tax free car (RHD) at end. Same for boxheads in HQ ARRC (now in Glostershire) but in reverse.

Speak to the BFG office. The process should be laid out, and you use BFG 4003 to de-reg with BFG and BFG 38 to register on the German Net.

As for the C&I bloke... These cnuts in teh BFG office and C&I office are not 'doing you a favour'. It is actually their fcuking job to assist when neccesary. So get in touch with your BFG office, and the C&I (there are local offices to speak to), if neccesary phone up the Col in charge of BFG.
Thanks for replies lads, popped into BFG office where the staff were completely non-committal 'we can't advise you on tax matters but we think you'll have to pay tax regardless how long you've had it!' They mentioned the 7 day rule to cater for 'short toured' personnel i.e. postings/compassionate etc but advised me to speak to the C&I man, who apparently isn't as bad as the last one, heard that before......So as the Frog suggests, it's off to the C&I man.

Thanks again
I would suggest getting hold of Pete Edmonds. He is the senior customs officer for BFG and is a fair and straight forward bloke, (albeit he can come across a little 'to the point'). Do not know anyone else in BFG that knows the system as well as him and I've been in this game for almost 18 years. I would avoid talking to your local BFG clerk as most should not even be commenting on tax issues, let alone understand them.

You can also talk to BFG VLO Main on 02161 472 4100, however they may divert you back to BFG C&I as their remit stops at tax. However, Ron Girvin and his team are a good bunch and will help if they can, (if anyone would like to make comment to the contrary, then I would suggest you haven't approached it in the right way !!)

Hope this helps.
I am led to believe that the new rule that was brought in is that so long as you have had the vehicle BFG'd for 6 months prior then you can register it on the German net on retirement etc, unlike before tax was always due. You must however, keep it a further 6 months. That said, ask C&I with a direct question don't beat around the bush.
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