Tuesday Evenings Pay?

Just a quick question

I read on some forms my recruiter gave me the other week and it mentioned that for Tuesday evenings i would get 1/4 days pay

but on about 4 or 5 occasions when ive been speaking to the recruiter he has said its 1/2 days pay?

which one is correct? cheers :D
It should be a quarter of a days pay, plus travel expenses.

Now change your picture and get your own, I keep thinking you are Polar.
I would love to get 1/2 a days pay for a parade night. I'd only have to rock up twice a month then :D :D
hehe i knew it was 1/4 days, but with the recruiter saying 1/2 it was confusing me slightly lol

btw avatar changed :p /bow
Some people in my unit do get 1/2 dyas for tuesday nites but there normally in doing stuff from about 5pm onwards

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