Tue 4 Apr London Regiment - Show your ARRSE for a free beer!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Crossed_Flags, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. The London Regiment will be holding a Recruit Information Evening on Tuesday 4th April at St John's Hill TA Centre starting at 1930hrs. The TA centre is opposite Clapham Junction railway station next door to the Clapham Grand.

    Location map

    The LONDONS are the only TA infantry regiment wholly based in London and one of our 7 TA Centres is bound to be within easy reach of your home or work. We have recently become part of the Household Division and are forging closer links with the Foot Guards for training and operations.

    If you are considering joining the TA as an infantryman or as one of corps attached personnel (AGC, REME, RLC) we will be pleased to welcome you at our Regimental Headquarters where there will presentations and displays to provide information on what we do and how to join.

    Please bring a print out of this thread with you and in exchange we will give you your first beer at the bar for free.

    Moderators: Please would you make this post a sticky until after Tuesday 4th April. Many thanks.
  2. crossed_flags more like crossed fingers and hope you can get someone to join the londons :lol:
  3. Those considering a transfer are also welcome to have a look around and claim their free beer. remf, you can bring your wife; let's see if she's worth trading.

    Banter on - keeps the thread near the top. Thanks.
  4. i might come down tuesday night just to see what the londons are like, as i have only just read stories on this forum and would like a change from where i am at the moment 151rlc. i will even buy you a beer, as for my wife she is worth trading only last week i got 4 cans of stella and a packet of peanuts for her, now that is a good swap :lol: :twisted:
  5. In the immortal words of Lesley Crowther, "Come on down"! Our lowly drill hall is unlikely to be as shiney as the new one you're getting built on Stonecot Hill but "it has character".

    As you know, the London TA family is fairly small and most people know people in the other units. The LONDONS has had some ORs and officers transfer to 151 (and vice versa) in the past. Our shooting teams have had a good competitive relationship too. Please feel free to come down and just have a nosey around, you don't have to identify yourself. If you are interested in a transfer, let one of the recruiters know and then you don't need to go through the introductory presentations the "off the street" candidates will see. Instead, we can get a visit to one of the departments organised to speak with some of the lads (and lasses).

    All welcome, even if it is to satisfy your curiosity. No obligation, just a warm welcome from us all.

    As an aside, you got 4 Stellas and a packet of nuts for your wife? That makes her a stunner in our book. I can't imagine giving away 4 Stellas for anyone less than Lucy Lui carrying a chinese takeaway.
  6. Crossed_Flags
    did it work then?