Having arrived back at 19Reg I must say I am impressed by the size of the Attitude of all you drop shorts :roll: Has the QM got the Demand number for it ?After all you do only provide a service to real soldiers as does the Naafi and the Local AWS woman :lol:
Come on Girlies wind it in
Stumpyidiot looks like GQ decided he is Big Brother so I'll answer you crap on this thread.

So you admit you're in a Corps and you're attached to the RA! So which is this frontline corps that you're from :?:

You're posting to 19 was a done deal :? Must've been that you're so good that you're CORPS couldn't afford to lose you :lol:

As for picking up your brass don't think so unless it was the arms that fell off of your typewriter when you did a relief in place or roulement whichever takes your fancy :twisted:

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