tube strike boxing day

Now i'm all for extra beer tokens for working a bank holiday, and i think london underground are taking the piss when they say it's a normal working day.
However Aslef wants triple pay and a day off in lieu for drivers working on 26 December.

triple pay and a day off is that what everyone else who does the "january" sales get for working boxing day, i think not, comrade keith norman doing his bit to help the labour party score points, i bet comrade crowe is happy as well

bunch of cnuts (LU as well for being scrooges)
Well assuming... that they see Boxing Day as a normal 'Sunday' which they would probably get extra for anyway... this is presumable on top?
hi gracie,
not sure only info i could gleam was off the aslef site (not biased) or bbc news website, seems they have had a long standing agreement in the past (it doesn't say but i assume TOIL). but the unions are saying they (LU) have changed their policy. I just thought triple pay was taking the pi55, topped with a buckshee day off as well technically isn't that quadruple pay? maybe as you say it's on a sunday this year and it's bank holidy-tastic this year.
2 things, firstly is it not part and parcel of the job and in their contract already and secondly, I bet they will try and claim for the other boxing day on the tuesday as well.
No idea about LU, but I know for a fact that Southern, are paying either double time plus a day in lieu OR triple time only. Concidering that Sunday is outside the rostered working week and thy will have done much more than their contracted 26 Sundays, I think it is quite fair - especially as the depots are being kept open on Christmas Day as well...not to mention the directors all raking in an 80,000 UKP bonus each.
how much do drivers get and how many hours do they normally work per week?
If you're on about ML drivers, then it's about 32,000 UKP starting salary as a bottom link driver, rising to approx. 35,000 UKP. The average weekly hours varies considerably, due to shift work and how the rosters are worked out, but it's meant to be a 34 - 36 hr week over the measured period (which is - IIRC - 3 months). Due to this, some weeks will be the max. of 48 hrs allowed by law (unless the individual has signed out of the WTD). Some depots say that they only have a late and an early turn, ie. no nights. This is completely misleading as a 00:05 hrs start time is classed as an early shift start and a 23:55 hrs start, is classed as a late turn! This is purely so that the company doesn't have to pay an allowance for doing night shift and so that night turns, don't have to be taken into account when planning rosters, using the Fatigue Index calculator.

It sounds a lot of money - and it is, but they have a responsibility for over 1200 passengers (when full) each journey with a 12 car train. On top of this, is the constant monitoring (daily) and then Rules testing every 6 months or sooner, which is about 500 questions (keeps changing - as do the rules!) and all must be correct to keep your license valid.

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