Tube Employed Terrorist..........

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by grumpyoldb, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. So is the story he failed the deeper vetting , which proves it works, or he's the son of Hook?
  2. And as he left somebody shouted.

    "Mind the doors please"
  3. And there's nothing wrong with deeper vetting.

    My cat will testify to that.

    Or would do when its finished licking the wound.
  4. London Underground do not carry out " Developed Vetting" on employees.

    Any conviction would have showed up on a standard disclosure.
  5. Its not "Mind the doors", its "Step Back From The Doors - Mind The Gap", you muppet.

    Probably sounds better coming from Charlotte Church - but that's on another thread.
  6. He worked for a contractor to London Underground.
  7. Yeah. Inherited infamy. Mark Thatcher must be able to identify with this only too well.
  8. I wouldn't employ Mark Thatcher either.
  9. wtf are you wittering on about? He has a conviction in The Yemen for terrorism
  10. Sorry. Did I lose you? Mark Thatcher's a villain, with an infamous parent. I wasn't wittering, but drawing a close comparison.

    Is this fellow's conviction spent, incidentally?
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    How exactly does Mrs Thatcher relate to Abu Hamza as infamous?

    And compairing a somewhat twitish son who was duped into sponsoring one of his "school chums" hardly equates with direct terrorist activity.

    Once again you head off topic to make a snide, (and I suppose you consider) clever remark.
  12. They're both in the box with an 'I' on it. They could, however, be infamous for different reasons.
  13. Hooks son was implicated in the murder of British tourists in the Yemen (no suprise there then). Bearing in mind his father was in UK illegally (Dodgy marriage and all that) why was this apprentice terrorist allowed to stay? Additionally given his pedigree and relatively high profile, London Underground seems to have made a little Faux Pax in employing him I suspect.

    Quiet clever though, doing his recce AND geting paid for it.
  14. Apologies, the last time I was on the tube, you paid so much attention minding the doors, you just fell down the gap.

    It seems they updated the warning, like they should update the vetting procedures.