Tube Drivers to get £55K

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. Wow, this means they can contribute even more to their Union and Bob Crowe will doubtless get a pay rise.

    Save money long term and have the tubes automated like the DLR.
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  2. The Tube drivers are in an enviable position as they can cause such chaos in London, hope other public sector workers use the same tactics - what's a pay rise?
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  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Oi! You can't do that - 'elf n safety innit? Right, everyone out!

    £55k to do pull to go, push to stop, and they say that bankers are overpaid?
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  4. Bob Crowe will now be classed as god, while the rest of society will continue his traditional nickname:

  5. They are worth every penny; they drive around curves without a steering wheel.
  6. "The RMT said the issue of a payment for working during next year's Olympic Games in London was separate to the deal on the table."

    And it seems they want extra pay just for working during the Olympics, I wonder if all the members of HMF will recieve extra pay whislt conducting all the shitty jobs during the games?

    Considering London pay has just been stopped for the Army serving within the M25 I very much doubt it!
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  7. And in the dark!
  8. Which most of them are.
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  9. Until you remind them that he is paid £145k per annum.
  10. LRR (London pay) hasn't been stopped, full screws & below still receive it, only SNCO's it's applicable to,

    When the tube system fails to cope with next year's event (as its struggling now) we'll no doubt hear more bleating from BC about poor pay & working conditions,

    Greed pure & simple...
  11. Time was when railway drivers' wages were considerably less, and perhaps they will be again in the future, so jolly good luck to them in the meantime.
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  12. My Mother-In-Law is a tube driver (when she's not on full paid sick leave), she's as thick as 2 short planks, proffed from the council house right to buy, and thinks she is the bee's knees. Fortunately no matter how much she is paid it won't stop her being a poisonous, vindictive witch. I hope she buys the pie that kills her with her bonus.
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  13. I tjought my shit was money for old rope.......i'd happily look at jumpers when ever required to keep up the "**** all work:pay ratio"

    ******* gange smokin leeches
  14. It is ridiculous. The public sector should be employed competitively. That is, they should be paid at the lowest level that decent people are willing to do the job for. Sack the ******* lot and employ a new lot on £25-£30k.

    * Put my name forward.
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