Tube drivers rant at passenger

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dangerousdave, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Brilliant :lol:

    The irate driver gave the commuter a dressing-down over the train intercom after he apparently stepped too close to the platform edge.

    ‘Excuse me, you in the sunglasses, yes you. You standing over the yellow line when the train arrived.

    ‘There’s a yellow line there for a reason. You need to take a bit more care. Perhaps if you weren’t wearing sunglasses on the underground, you may have seen the yellow line.

    ‘You don’t need to be wearing sunglasses anyway, you’re 65ft underground. Take them off.’

    The very public outburst happened at Warren Street Tube station on the southbound Victoria line to Brixton on Monday lunchtime.

    The target of the driver’s ire eventually realised the tirade was aimed at him and ‘rather sheepishly’ took the shades off, said one commuter.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    They have a reputation for being straight to the point and lets face it most commuters are less well controlled than a herd of cats!
  3. A mate of mine works for the LUG emergency response team, apparently it's quite messy when someone steps infront of a moving train, I reckon it's not overly pleasant for the driver either.
  4. Cleanup on platforms 2, 3 and 4 please.
  5. "You don’t need to be wearing sunglasses anyway, you’re 65ft underground. Take them off."

    - Quality!
  6. I like his style. Although he could have followed up with; 'And stand up straight and get a hair cut you scruffy cnut'. Is London Transport employing ex RSMs now?
  7. I assume "Sunglass Man" will be suing for damages and hurt feelings etc etc
  8. Imagine he driver's surprise when the sunglass wearer turned to his guide dog and said "Can you see who's shouting at me Blondie? Get him girl, sic him good!"
  9. I got a bollocking from a train driver over the tannoy a few years ago for smoking on the platform at Northwood Station. He sounded like he was a graduate of the Guards Depot All Arms Drill and Weapons Course. I felt a right Charlie, served me right.
  10. Took you back to your days in Brigade Squad eh??
  11. Would have been even funnier if the bloke in the glasses was actually
  12. Reminds me of first time on the range at RMAS.

    Gaggle of wide-eyed cadets watching weapons demo by the small-brain corps, when an irate jockenese voice booms over the console tannoy:

    Whole intake looks round.
    Yeh yoos! With tha hair like a fookin raped vultures nest!"
    One OCdt whose hair fits the decription stands up and looks round sheepishly
    "Fookin shut oop an watch tha demo!"
  13. Maybe "sunglasses man" is actually "Toothbrush man" from the Chelsea V Man Utd game earlier this season:

    Toothbrush man

    What a c0ck