ttest driving a tank

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theoriginalphantom, Jan 3, 2006.

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    On test: FV432
    Model: GKN Sankey FV432
    Bodystyle: Armoured Personnel Carrier
    Engine: 6.6 litres, 6 cylinder, two-stroke multifuel
    Transmission: 6 speed semi-automatic
    Date of Test: December 2005

  2. Cool Wish I had One Of Them To Drive Around Scare The Sh1t Out Of Everyone Down Here
  3. Is that picture a urine take or has someone fitted a CVR(T) Turret onto the mortar hatches?

    I know there is an infantry variant but certainly not with that type of turret.

    Unless of know different
  4. if you had been in one you wouldnt say that! trust me, they are a pile of poop!!

    scary, = Challenger, that would put the wind up Clapham high street! especially old folk in "handy carts" :D
  5. I must admit I thought the 432 turret was a much smaller item, i'll have to check my sad sad collection of recognition pics....
  6. they had a variant at warminster for "enemy" with a turret bolted on, it wasnt functional tho
  7. I believe the Berlin Bde had a few with turrets. Anyone confirm?

    It's a pukka 43 though;


    The Berlin Bde versions appear to have had Scorpion Turrets with 76mm gun as well as 30mm Rarden Scimitar stylee or was it a Fox turret?

  8. According to my 2ic, each platoon of the Berlin Bn in the '80s had one of those 432s modified with a fox turret. Only in Berlin, though, because they were too high profile for use elsewhere.

    Sounds like "mlaaaaaaaaaaaaar" to me when he says it but no doubt it will make sense to you gents.

    Edited re: The-Hog, to include that they were apparently called 432/30s...?
  9. There was a 432 variant with the FOX 30mm turret, although as Flashy says, at least one of those pics does look very like a SCORPION turret.
  10. The bottom one looks like the 76mm Scorpion and the top is with the 30mm Rarden Fox turret.
  11. Saw them in Berlin but never a 76mm turret though 435's think they were called????
  12. I think the 435 was a bleep wagon.
  13. Nah, I'm sure bleep panzer was the 436