TSW/TC with para wings

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hookscarabina, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. aes69 has as well though, I always thought it was lightbulb badge for para trained and wings for the whole fattybombatty?
  2. i do have to take issue with the whole wings/maroon beret thing,now hear me out before i get shot to pieces.
    the maroon beret was designed in ww2 and was decided as the headress to be worn by all airborne forces whether it be para reg lads or glider troops or support troops. over the years this turned into something that was earned for doing 'p' company,with the formation of 16aa brig this whole airborne concept was reintroduced.the orignal letter of inaugaration of 16aa brig is still in the ord office so i know im right cos i read it recently,this stated the fact about the berets.and if im not mistaken,do para reg crows who've yet to pass 'p' comp not get to wear the maroon lid???????
    the lads who work in support of sf even wear the pasty because that beret was decided as the headress of the regiment not for doing selection and continuation training.
    now onto the wings thing i have several points to clear up, military parachuting wings are worn by all service members who have passed the parachute training course at p.t.s at brize. to get on that course you must of first of completed a form of arduos training i.e 'p' comp,commando,sas,raf regt.
    special dispensation maybe granted to servicemen who may need to parachute into a theatre of operations to undertake a specific role i.e doctors,dentists,tcw/tsw,so on and so forth.in the old days the light bulb would of been worn but this badge is now defunct so as you can see the blue badge of courage is what they wear.
    have also read afew threads about ta lads who have to undergo 'p' comp,pts all over again when enlisting as a regular WHY??? what a waste of money. they have done a form of arduos training.and lobbed in from a herc.
    now onto my own personal thoughts on the subject.if you have done'p' comp then you have truly earned your wings,to see it worn by a stacker is bad drills,but look on the bright side no chicks wear them yet.
    on the beret side of things,i can see how annoying it is to see some fat splasher/agc clerk wear it but most troops in 16 aa brig would rather not wear it as alot feel they haven't earned it.
    now onto the stab thing,let them wear they're wings,they earnt them,and as for doin 'p' comp, let them do it if they wish, lets face it they have to sit in the bar with the rest of the lads who have done the proper 'p' comp.
  3. Does anyone know if that 'lightbulb' badge still exists, because I've never seen it. I still can't believe these RAF guys can wear para wings when they don't even have to do any form of selection course.
  4. I'm led to believe that the TA Rangers are now part of 16 AAB and it's bods can have a bash at P coy, i'm a little old fashioned in my view's but, if your ass aint done AACC, P Coy or SF selection then you ain't wearing the wings!!! and any walts who try to wear them when they are with the Rangers needs to stand by if we find out :twisted: I can understand Para chaps getting a boner about walts wearing wings, you should see some of the tossers wearing the Caubeen! and god forbid, some are regulars :lol:

  5. :lol: The ol' lightbulb is still making an appearance now and then. My mate sewed his on his wooly pully a few years back. It disappeared the next day coz of the crap he took.
  6. If you've done the jumps course at Brize, passed and bailed out of a C130 then your entitled to wear wings.....

    You've earned the wings just the same as anyone else, so whats the problem? What, sorry only the big bad hard Para's can wear them? b0llox....

    I think he has a fooking cheek to say they haven't earned them, if he thinks jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is easy, I'm begining to doubt he is what he says, my Grandad and my uncle were PARAS, as hard a men as they come and they'll be the first to tell you it's not easy....

    He's got a bee in his bonnet because somebody else other than him (supposedly) has had the bottle to do the jumps course....

    What makes him think everyone wants to be a Para or Airbrorne qualified?

    Grow up and get a life you sad w@nker....

    They also have to sit in a bar with lads who they can serve with and do the same job as they do....Sorry, I forgot, we're all high and mighty here....sorry, I'll take my STAB arrse home....
  7. sorry kingo, no offence was meant with the STAB word,u andy mcnabs need to chill (only joking) if you read the thread correctly i was actually defending the ta(which is rare for a regular).i was merely pointing to the fact that a no of ta personnel who go onto join the regulars are often stopped from wearing their wings as it was a ta course that they did,i have a couple of mates who are ex para reg(ta)and when they joined up were told they could only wear their wings if they redone 'p' comp.'the proper one'
    i thought we were 1 army and all that jazz.
  8. TA P-coy/ Reg P-coy, it doesn't matter in my eyes. We had TA guys do P-coy alongside our platoon and they went balls out, and got some belting times on the assault course. On one of the the logs there was just two of them left and they still past a group of four - fukcing credit to em. Real P-coy? Ok so no 20 miler, but when talking to a PSI from 4 para, they make up for that when battalion.
  9. TA P-coy/ Reg P-coy, it doesn't matter in my eyes. We had TA guys do P-coy alongside our platoon and they went balls out, and got some belting times on the assault course. On one of the the logs there was just two of them left and they still past a group of four - fukcing credit to em. Real P-coy? Ok so no 20 miler, but when talking to a PSI from 4 para, they make up for that when battalion.
  10. Para wings (in fact I think all wings, perhaps somebody in the AAC could confirm who awards their pilots wings) are awarded by the RAF, in this case on the successful completion of the Basic Parachute course - the qualification for getting wings are (or were) you must succesfully complete the course and be in an airborne slot within a unit. If you are not "in role" - you get the light bulb, but if you subsequently go on to fill a slot and are still qualified, then you get the wings. There are many Army guys who have Para wings who have never served in the Parachute Regiment, or in 5 Bde (or whatever it's called now) - an example are the support people who work for the SAS. That said, I think most Army guys would prefer to do P Coy than get the grief from future colleagues. I've seen guys in the RAF who have para wings (Tactical Supply Wing, Tactical Comms Wing, Photographer), the Navy have Marine trained medics, some of whom have Para wings - they filled a slot and did the course. As pointed out previously, Para wings are awarded "in perpetuity" - once awarded, you have them for life, nobody can take them away from you.
  11. Can anybody tell me whether or not the parachute badge without wings (lightbulb) is indeed defunct and if so when this decision was made as AGAIs still refer to it?
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    TSW train for a role that they are not very likely to carry out....however....should they ever carry it out it will require the testicles of a rhino as they won't be going into a secure DZ with 600 mates or have the benefit of stealth.

    They have my respect as professionals.
  13. Any one that does the Parachute Course gets the Para Wings, they are standard issue for all ranks.
    Any one that works for The Parachute Regiment gets to were the lid and at times the Regimental badge
    Any unit working along the side the Para's in the Air Assault Brigade seem to wear the lid in preference to their own.
    All Glider Regiments Soldiers who served or carried out Operations by glider can wear the lid and can join the PRA clubs.
    What does make a Paratrooper is doing the P Course and getting his wings, it is sweat and blood he sheds to complete his course and that determination to be the best that makes him what he is.
  14. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Except the AAC dear chap