Tsunami warning for New Zealand ***UPDATE - Tsunami activity cancelled***

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Just video called my Brother in Auckland everything ok at the moment asked him if the earth had moved for him he said no but then he is 78 this year
RNZ update: GNS Science say the biggest waves have passed and so the threat has been downgraded.
Those who have evacuated may return home but are advised to stay out of the water and off the beach.




Seems to be good news.

The downside is that next time people might be tempted to take risks, expecting that they'll get off lightly again.
US Geological data and an article about Thursday's earthquakes.

For those interested this is a list of the earthquakes off of New Zealand 4th March 2021. This was produced using an earthquake csv file downloaded from US Geological Survey. Click to enlarge. Sorry it's not very clear but perhaps it gives some idea of the activity.


Here is a link to the USGS article which addresses the three main earthquakes.

Kermadec and New Zealand Earthquakes​

Release Date: MARCH 4, 2021
Three notable earthquakes struck in the southern Pacific Ocean near the Kermadec Islands and New Zealand today, March 4, 2021.

Kermadec and New Zealand Earthquakes