Tsunami-Time for a Change?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Ok I appreciate I am about to be harangued mercilessly for being an insensetive Tw@t but...............is anyone else getting fed up with the constant mawkish reporting of the nearly 14 day old natural event that took 150,000 lives?

    I do understand that a large number of people died and very tragic it is but.......................is it really the only thing to have happened and does it justify the first 30 mins of every news broadcast? even more so when they are able to only produce new graphics not new news.

    7 Spam soldiers were killed in one incident on the 6 Jan........I heard not a jot until I flicked through newsnow.co.uk. Personally I think that after £100 mill was raised in the UK alone surely the Tsunami can afford to give way to other news?

  2. The death of the 7 soldiers and the Bradley was covered on News 24 LWM.

    I know what you mean about familiarity breeding contempt. However, I'm happy for the BBC to keep banging on about the Tsunami, more importantly , the effects on Sri Lanka, until this Government pulls it's finger out.
  3. Im with you LWM. I feel it's just another 'food wagon' the media can use to sell air time. Its a case of which media station can appear to be looking the most sincere, most sad, most saddening, heartfelt 'personal tragedy' story. All this actually achieves is desensitising the public as eventually joe public will get bored of the coverage and flick over to Celeb Big Brother retard prog. I think the media is responsible for giving the average joe in the street the attention span of a goldfish.

    After all something like this is actually easy journo stuff and requires very little in the way of finding a story. Point camera at devastation, cut to crying orphan, cut to trench full of body bags. 'Psuedo sincere journo doing his bit to camera'.
  4. Unfortuntunatly one of the main reasons i feel they are keeping this in the news, is not only to keep the public on side of parting from its cash for the disaster, but also because as soon as the news starts to die down a bit some other knob jockey from parliment/Celb/Geek/Egghead comes out with a quote from somewhere so they have to give you all the back round information AGAIN on it.

    I feel sorry for the people out there for what has happend. But i do know if it had happened to me, i would welcome the aid. but not the Jouno's shoving cameras in my face for a quote every five mins about how 5 generations of my family had disappeared.

    I understand what you are saying about there is other news going on in the world that should be reported, But as soon as the Tsunami story starts taking second place to other stories then the public will start to loose intrest very rapidly , then will stop donating. Sad but true.

    Incidently Has anyone else heard the rumour that some Urban bands are making a record to raise money for the appeal?
  5. One news channel PTP and after how long of special coverage..................what more do you lot want....................

    Interest payments on Debt suspended-Good

    £100 million in charitable donations from this country alone-Good+chance for self congrats all round

    But is there any new, news eminating from these countries?....for fecks sake ...............it happened 2 weeks ago even Phuket has moved on and has cleaned up the beaches.
  6. Neue Arbeit will want to keep it in the news as a convenient diversion from everything else.
  7. I want it kept in the news until Blair admits he let Commonwealth partners down.

    Is there a reason why the Foreign Secretary is dragging his damn feet to get there?


    I'm sure we agree with the First La.... ooops Mrs. Blair.

    Bags full of Toys? Big old thumbs up to the person that hasn't listened to the Aid Agencies immediate needs.

    LWM - http://news.google.co.uk/news?hl=en&lr=&tab=wn&ie=UTF-8&q=Bradley+fighting+vehicle&btnG=Search+News

    That lists where tje Bradley IFV story has been since release this morning.
  8. Nice to see this govenment has its finger on the Pulse.

    So what are we gonna see next on the news> People from affected regions walking around with Pokemon puppets on there heads?
  9. We should demand that Cherie the wide mouthed frog goes over to the area. We could use a gob like that to fend any further big waves off. Seriously, if TFTB wants a better opinion poll, he should tell her to get her soggy arrse over there and do a 'hearts and minds' op.
  10. Thanks for the link PTP.....................I noticed that the majority were US media outlets :wink:

    Not much news here really...........Pregnant mother of 5 and expecting twins stabbed to death in the street.

    Damilola Murder case -new lines and 3 arrests.
  11. horrible tragic event but i'm with you 100% on the fact its lazy journalism and there are other newsworthy stories. keep it in the news, yes, but to give almost entire news programmes over to it is a little much even for me.
    what grips my p*ss even more however, is the charity single! why these celebs, boy george, cliff richards et al can't simply donate money, rather than recording a single which the general public will then go out and buy.... ie donating more than they already have, and lets face it, i doubt theres a single person left thats not given at least a few pence. donate some money, oh and give a few old singers a bit of a higher profile and make them feel good about doing something, and us, the buying public will spend more! i for one won't be buying it, and not out of me being a tight fecker, because everytime i have a spare few pence, quid or whatever, its been going into charity boxes on top of the fact i'm involved in something else. its self serving and call me a cynic if you want, its really gotten up my nose
    sorry, i went a little off topic i know :oops:
  12. let us not forget that the BBC now is so chummy wiht TBLiar after he broke its backbone, that any chance to distract us from the true state-of-affairs of this country is jumped on and reported to death :evil:
  13. dui-lai said:

    A tad bit self absorbed ain't we mate?

  14. Don't know, I reckon it still is a very big story. As Flash pointed out yesterday, it is the largerst British loss of life in a single incident since 1945, probably by a factor of three or four, and that's ignoring the local tragedy. 7000 extra bods found yesterday (or the day before) during rubble clearing in one town alone. It is an ongoing story, and in the terms of casualties is getting bigger everyday.

    If the media were dropping it now we would be among the first to criticise them for only being interested in the dramatic bits. In terms of the relief programme and fundraising it's now that counts, to keep people alive in the medium term.

    That's not to say of course that the media and the politicos won't squeeze the whole sad story for every drop of pathos and advantage. :(
  15. Uhhh... No I don't think he is.

    When this has all settled down a bit more (and it invariably will) we'll find out just what the politicians have been up to while media interest was elsewhere.

    You a new labour fan then? :wink: