Tsunami - the Musical

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Acid_Tin, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. Apologies for adding to the Grief Soup:

    Mike Read? Robin Gibb? Boy George? Cliff Richard? Virtually the entire population of the world is weeping into its collective sleeve - and now we're going to inflict this dreadful aberation on them as well?

  2. Somebody, give me a feckin gun!!
  3. Admit it Flash, you'll buy more than one copy! :D

    Do they have CD players in a Lynx? :lol:
  4. Only an 8 track Im afraid.
  5. On the more advanced models... now where are my Simon and Garfunkel cartridges...
  6. WTF Can't Cliff just put his hand in his pocket and throw some money in the bucket like everybody else?

  7. RTFQ


    I will pay those talentless cnuts NOT to do this.
  8. I am glad that no one is using this disaster for cheap publicity still perhaps it could be played during the 12 hour silence we are going to have every week in remembrance.
  9. I for one am going into a self imposed exile. I will go to my room, watch porn vids and w@nk myself to death. Its better than listening to those tossers sing shiit :roll:

    And if Mike Reads current track record accounts for music as it did theatre, boy are we in for some dross :roll:
  10. Something was washed up by a recent wave, had to be Mike Read, cos no-one else would want to dig THAT up, crap DJ, crap taste and I love myself attitude. He's the original, "I am looking for something, like a lost ego, and I have not heard my voice on radio or seen my oversized jowels on tele for many years" Thank god say the public!
    Whatever droning he has written will sadly be broadcast over the coming months. Anyone who has not got a pair of pink fluffy earmuffs needs to invest in some, hasta pronto!
    You know they will suit you anyhow (you know who you are) :wink: