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Because, alas, people are by and large idiots. The Hawaii tsunami had the same result. Recent well documented volcanic eruptions with LOTS of warning and officials hunting down folks to force evacuations still had the same results. There are always those who will stand and stare at their imminent destruction. Denial, probably.
Ohhh now honey lets just watch this 12ft high wall of water heading streight for us and see if it hits!!! Dooo Dumb as abox of nails!!!!!!!

D.D. :evil:
I never did credit the majority of the human race with much CDF but I didn’t think they would demonstrate such stupidity in the face of the obvious. The penultimate photograph of the sequence seems to show the (about to become) victims, smiling and giggling as they leg it, rather than showing belated fear, concern or terror. ‘It’s still a jolly game, we’ll just get wet’. Sea water weighs over a tonne per cubic metre, this sea water in moving at speed and is full of debris. You lose. I feel sorry for the kid on her father’s(?) shoulders. The rest are muppets.

Now, consider the bleating of those who think that the US Geological Survey should have (could have) warned the region of the tsunami in order to allow people to get to high ground and safety. Yeah, right. More like give them time to collect their families and go like lemming like to certain death.

It is still a tragedy.
We now live in an age of such technological advancement we don't actually think for ourselves in the majority of cases.
The pictures/tragedy shows that.
We will quite literally in a large majority of cases wait until the very last moment to act while searching for instructions from the source that we depend on most, our government and the agencies that inform it.
There are many prime examples of people staying until to late and the government later having been proven to hold information that could have and should have been used to inform them thus preventing lose of lives.

Again this is a horrible sad situation.

The problem is, this hasn't happened in living memory. It also didn't fit with most peoples image of a tidal wave. To the locals, who maybe hadn't even heard about the earthquake a thousand miles away, it was just the sea behaving strangely, maybe an unusually high tide. Until it was too late....

Happily however, in the final shot people appear to still be there. Perhaps the height of the wave was the result of it hitting what appears to be a sea wall and rearing up. It certainly wasn't still steaming inland remorselessly as we've seen on some of the camcorder footage.

It was the seafront single-storey shanti towns that took the brunt in most places. Being only feet from the beach, they were swept away by the surge whilst a lot of the residents were probably still in bed. It quite simply doesn't even bear thinking about.
Noticed that some of the folk were taking photographs, as people might do at home when they see a big wave approaching the promenade.

Then again, whoever took these photographs was doing the same thing... froma safer position, as it turns out, thank goodness.

One hopes that most of the stills and video shown on the media were taken by people who were in no immediate position to help, or had themselves not yet taken in what was happening.

Mind you, even MY famous patience and good humour might have started to leave me if I was trying to hang on to something down on the flooded veranda, and other punters were calmly filming me from their balconies. :roll:
The problem is, this hasn't happened in living memory.
Don't see why this is a point. Further, the Hawaii Tsunami qualifies as within "living memory". Film of the same thing. Gawkers getting hit by the wave.

Nature, doing it's best to fascinate.
HellonWheels said:
Don't see why this is a point. Further, the Hawaii Tsunami qualifies as within "living memory". Film of the same thing. Gawkers getting hit by the wave.
It is a point because if the same had happened ten years ago, they would have legged it this time. And more to the point, how many people in Asia have seen the Hawaii Tsunami? I'm going with not many.

These photographs are being circulated as pictures of the tsunami that struck Indian Ocean shorelines in Asia on 26 December 2004, purportedly taken in Thailand. Other sources claim, however, that the photographs date from 2002 and actually depict a tidal festival held annually in China.

I think they are a mix, why are most of the people in the close ups all smiling?

They are fake


30 Qiantang Tide Watchers Narrowly Escape Death
The 30 tide watchers swept away Friday by tide were all rescued from the Qiantang River Saturday, and six seriously injured were sent to hospital for treatment.

Friday afternoon, hundreds of tourists gathered off the Qiantang River in Xiaoshan City to view its magical waves. All of a sudden, the tide, three to four meters high, swept 30 of them into the water.

Rescue staff and local residents tried to save them as soon as the tide ebbed.

An increasing number of tourists have come to the city for the Qiantang River Wave Watching Festival, which starts on September 15.

The festival has been held annually since 1994 and has attracted some 3 million tourists.

The tides on the Qiantang are a strange phenomenon. Scientists say that the bell-shaped mouth of the Qiantang River helps form the tidal change, which can be as high as 3.5 meters.

In the past, only the Moon Festival on the traditional Chinese calendar, which falls on September 12 this year, was considered the good time for tide watching. However, scientists say the spring tide there is also interesting.
How long before the definitive fcuk off shot of a 100 metre wall of water is 'found' in a waterproof camera?

In other words, how long will it be before the PhotoShop nerds start playing...?
The 6th and 7th picture in the original link


are 'related', 7 being a zoom/close up of 6. The definition in the close up (shiney happy people) isn't possible from merely zooming in on picture 6 in a computer viewer. So perhaps Piers Morgan's contacts have been at work.

The other photos on http://coreykoberg.com relate to 11 September 2001 (subsequent tributes) which suggests the latest photos are not designed to deceive.


(These links are not always working. Traffic?)

However, the seeds of doubt have been planted.

The Phuket photo in zofo's link doesn't look like Phuket (as zofo says) and looks badly 'photoshopped'. A wave that big = no survivors.

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