Discussion in 'RLC' started by RLC66, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. If you are joining Logistics specialist (supply) or Driver/Comunication specialist do you need to do the TSTs at the two day selection at Pirbright?
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  2. You'll do anything and everything you are told to do!

    And stop presuming we all know your niggy Acronyms. OMG, WTF is TST you FNG?
  3. MMS, I think that it's short for bollox - TeSTes.

    What's worse is that Muddlemaker 'likes' the original post.......WTFITAA?
  4. My concern is we actually run a 2 day selection for these shite trades!!!! I know with Pet Op you have to have 2 heads and shag your sister daily but what is the criteria for storeomong and fag op duties??
    Discuss!!! ROFL
  5. Shouldn't that be ROLF - now there's someone that made me ROFL
  6. and answer your ******* phone!!!