Hi guys,

Just a quick question regarding the TST.....is it just maths they test you one or is it also some physics??

Also are you allowed to use a calculator during the exam??

TST's easy, mate! Just do simple revision on GCSE Maths. Oh, and you get to use a calculator. 56 simple questions. I scored 50/56 and I finished school 3 years ago.

Yeah the TST is nothing to worry about, I was told my my AFCO that I wouldnt have to do it for my trade, but at selection I was called in to take the TST. I was completley unprepared for it, but I think I can safely say its easier than GCSE Higher tier anyway (cant comment on the others because i took higer).
What exactly is that test for?? i did terribly... hope its not too important dont want to travel all the way to the UK to blow my chances in a test like that...

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