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  1. Hi guys,

    Just a quick question regarding the TST.....is it just maths they test you one or is it also some physics??

    Also are you allowed to use a calculator during the exam??

  2. lol....yeah that's what I'm afriad of, the test being insanely hard like that one!!
  3. IIRC, and thats a big if, its not just maths. Ask your AFCO.

    Edited to add, your kidding about that being hard right? 8O
  4. I hope not, just don't know what to expect in the exam!! Never been good with exams, even my GCSE's!!
  5. Its easy.. No need to worry.. Basic Maths test.. If you Got at least a D in GCSE you will be alright.
  6. So if it isn't just maths then, what other questions or subjects just I study up on before my TST??
  7. It is just maths mate.. Basic algebra, decimals and Fractions etc..
  8. Cool, cheers mate!
  9. TST's easy, mate! Just do simple revision on GCSE Maths. Oh, and you get to use a calculator. 56 simple questions. I scored 50/56 and I finished school 3 years ago.

  10. Yeah the TST is nothing to worry about, I was told my my AFCO that I wouldnt have to do it for my trade, but at selection I was called in to take the TST. I was completley unprepared for it, but I think I can safely say its easier than GCSE Higher tier anyway (cant comment on the others because i took higer).
  11. BBC Bitesize
  12. What exactly is that test for?? i did terribly... hope its not too important dont want to travel all the way to the UK to blow my chances in a test like that...
  13. got 56% on that MENSA test, i'm not clever enough to be in there me thinks.
  14. I was kidding mate its ok.