Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Phoebian, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Basically my brain and maths dont click. Is the TST a pass/fail test? Or just a pointer to the army about where to put me or what I need to be taught?

    I have used the search button and found that most of the posts say 30-35 is the amount you need to get right. I honestly dont think I could get 15 right. Have been looking on the BBC Bitesize website and thats not helping either. I am just crap at maths.

    Also the job description says nothing about having maths skills.

    Min. Grade

    A good standard of communication skills and a reasonable knowledge of IT would be useful
  2. Some trades require you to pass the technical selection test prior to starting trade training.

    What trade are you looking at? There is bound to be an ARRSEr who is from that trade that will be able to advise you best.

    For instance if you are going for God's Trade of Ammunition Technician you will have to pass TST before going onto the next phase of AT selection.
  3. Military Engineer Communications.
  4. In what trade?
  5. If you are going forward for the C3S op for the Royal Engineers you will only need 16, for the TST you will need an understanding of GCSE maths, ie. Decimals, averages, percentages, fractions, etc, it isnt rocket science if you can achieve GCSE maths D you should get through easily
  6. hey all!! I have selection at Lichfield on Tuesday, and I am going for int corps. recruiter says i have to do TST. Just wondering what score you have to get to pass it? Thanks a bunch!!