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  1. Hey... Ive got selection in 2 days and have just been informed that i need to sit the TST for my second job choice, i chose electronics/avionics technician......... Does anyone know the pass mark?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Nope, just try your hardest.
  3. 30 out of 50 I believe.
  4. yehh it was 30 out of 50 for Engineers and Ammunition Technicains so its probably around that mark
  5. Ahh ok cheers.... not too bad then.
    Hope I pass! Is it true that its multiple choice?
  6. yes think you there were 5 answers you could choose from so it isn't extremeley difficult
  7. yea i think its 55 questions now and dont worry about it its and easy test!
  8. Well that will do me just fine then! I can stop worrying now :)

    When I find out if i passed or not i'll let you guys know....

    Just a bit worried that not many other girls are goin for the same trade, and the ones that are...... theyr butch to say the least!
  9. You'll know if you passed at the end, and why are you worried about the other girls?

    You'll all be of similar physique at the end of it all anyway ;)
  10. Just scared about the whole lesbian thing to be honest!
    I know that sounds a bit stereotypical like...

    But thats just coz i dont bat for their team
  11. The pass mark for all REME Technician trades is 29. The test itself is 55 questions in 40 minutes and ranges from simple sums and fractions to algebra. All answers are multiple choice (usually from a selection of 4 or 5 options). Hope this helps.
  12. Don't worry Janey, you may not bat for the team but you will be taking your turn in the practice nets. Slightly stereotypical I know. :D