Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by been_there_before, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help me? I am currently going through the re-enlistment process with a view to joining this Corps, however I have been told I will have to take a Technical Selection Test. Can anyone shed any light on to what this entails? I have been told it is similar to a GCSE maths exam but I havn't done any sums in 10+ years and am very rusty in this subject. Any pointers to on-line revision aids would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 8)

    Don't worry about it mate, I did mine at 26, piece of wee wee. Its not aimed at OU scholars, but at the man in green. Its just to see if you are adept techy stuff. Just remember V=IxR, and you'll be fine :)
  3. GSCE level maths is the hardest it gets ;)

    Your ACIO/AFCO should have given you a steer about what is advised revision and there certainly used to be a sheet that listed everything that it could cover, i would advise that you speak to your recruiter and get them on it, it should only need for them to ring ADSC and get a heads up on it to be honest ;)
  4. what trade are you trying to get into?
  5. I am re-enlisting, I used to be INF but am hoping to re-trade to Area Systems Operator. I previously spent 5 years in my Battalions Signal Platoon so I am used to Clansman and have a little experience with SCRA. And yes I was given a revision list by the ACIO but due to a fcuk up when I was younger I do not have a maths GCSE and have never really had to put into practice anything that I learnt in my maths classes, so I am very rusty.
  6. I am surprised that they are actually allowing you to go anywhere near AS OP without having a GCSE at D or above in maths, and can only imagine that they are due to you having previous service to be honest, but either way you would still have had to do the TST because its applicable to all Sigs trades other than Comms Log group ;)
  7. There will be very little Ptarmigan left soon, most of the technology that is being introduced on the AS side is now systems such as Cormorant and FALCON in the future, however if you are after some maths revision to do try speed, distance time calculations, long division/multiplication and most of the other basic stuff. If you do a search on google there are loads of sites that will be assist you in revision.

    Don't despair once you get back into the swing of things it will all come flooding back :D
  8. Cheers for the advice. I can remember the basics of long division but the revision aids that I have found online always leave a remainder and I can't for the hell of me remember how to get rid of the remainder. So could someone please point me in the right direction.
  9. Your Sig Pl experience is rather more suited to Radio Systems Operator, rather than Area Systems Operator, however it's all good.
  10. I'd agree with poison dwarf on that one.

    And as for the whole Maths thing I don't know why they actually test you on that because you don't actually do any as a radio or area systems operator. The only equations required are for working out antenna lengths (radio) and thats what the trusty calculator is for. Don't have a calcualtor? Then every mobile phone designed in the last 5 years does...

  11. They do the TST because they can, since when do AS Ops need a D in Maths and English to actually operate the kit, when you can transfer across from another part of the Army into the job, from a job that required none ;)

    Admittedly for the more technical stuff its needed, but its pretty much to filter out the ones that are about as bright as 2 in the morning from what i can see.

    Ironically you need a lower entrance test score to get into the Sys Eng trade than you do for an Electronics tech in the REME, however the TST score needed for Sys Eng is higher than Elec tech, how that worked out is beyond me?
  12. I've seen some useless to say the least pass those courses and get into working units. So if its a test of intelligence to see if you are capableof passing the course its a waste of time. On and if you're ex infantry then you should get promoted very quickly in the Signals because half the Signals think they are in the infantry (even though most are useless at mil skills)

  13. I could be wrong as it has been a while since I did my GCSE maths but I think you just put a little r followed by however much the remainder is.

    If the test is based on GCSE maths you may also need simultaneous equations, graphs and trigonometry. There are lots of books in places like WH Smith which are revision guides for GCSE Maths and are quite explanatory.

    If you need any help feel free to PM, not sure how much good I can do any more but I can try.
  14. I'd agree with you both, coming from an Infantry Mortar Platoon (after Sigs Pln CV Cpl), I found it interesting for a while but a couple of years down the line it bored the pants off me. I think I understand where you want to end up (YofS?), RS Op is the better path, if you want IT/IS then again its the better path, AS Ops don't touch it leaving it to the IS Eng.
  15. Dont touch what exactly?