TST test worries

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mattlee, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. hello all asking for some help on my tst im hoping to go for avionics tech which asks for a 29 tst im guessing thats high and im worried on how hard the test actually is and if any of you can give me some advice on it...? i dont see myself stuggling too much on the fitness side of things as ive been working out lots running, sit ups, press ups and so on the only thing im worried about is the tst....
    i got my first interview on weds which is the 27th so im guessing i got some time to get some serious revision in but just asking for additional help
  2. Out of interest...why an Avionics tech in the Army....why not the RAF? Much more varied a/c to work on.
  3. dont really fancy the way of life in the raf, i come from an army background and the raf careers officer near me was what ill call in a polite way a nob.... so he didnt really sell it to me but the army careers officer has.... plus blue dont suit me hehehe
  4. TsT is fairly easy, it's GCSE standard and multi choice.

    I required 16 and got 42 and I would say I am not that great at maths.

    If you are worried buy a GCSE revision text book and give it a read.
  5. RAFs full up in that trade i think
  6. i got full marks when i did mine and i havent done maths for 7 years. If you wanna go avionics then you will need to be hot on maths.
  7. learn as much about the army as you can for ya interview mate

    job choices etc

    i only had the 1 but got asked questions about all 3 job choices.. where they train, how long the training is etc.. and what they do.

    i thought that was in the 2nd interview... good job i prepared ;)
  8. do not worry i have mine tomorrow it aint as bad as every one makes out :D
    And as for people saying infantry etc need not taake it shut ya cake hole as i am infantry and am taking it and will pass it!!!!
    Just for you mate it is 55 q's in 45 mins and you need 30 to scrape a pass and its all GCSE Grade q's try some revision using BBC Bitesize site mate
  9. infantry dont need to take it

    but coz 1 of my job choices is the RA i think i have to do it...
  10. Drop shots dont need to take it ........ I think thats why they let women in (hehe) :oops:

    All technical areas in the army ie AT, TECH SUPPLY ETC Need to tale it but it aint hard all GCSE stuff
  11. Did it last week, thought i'd messed up big style, turns out i got around 40, needed same as you (Want to be an Air Tech). Turns out its not at all hard! :D I reckon you'll be fine, as long as your not a complete mong. ;)
  12. I have got mine soon, and it is really basic, just get a Gcse book and give it a quick glance mate
  13. It aint as easy as it looks all these people that say oh yeah its easy are talking cadswallop true it is all gcse but you need to know the areas...................................................................................................... just make sure your Selection Officer gives
    you a good heads up on the subjects covered in the test and study them and you will be ok, but remember there is a secondry test mate where it aint multi choice and you have to show the workings plus then
    you have to pass the training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its not all hinged on just one test..........................
    .................Remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  14. sobmr, what are you on about? There is no "secondary test" at selection! I went for REME Air Tech (one of the most demanding positions, academically, within the Army) and they only test you on the multi choice maths. What differs between trades is the score required to join. There is NO secondary testing, not at selection, and no, we are not talking codswallop, if you find the test at all difficult (by which i mean not being able to answer the questions, or understanding them) then you are a mong.

    Its simple: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Standard Form, Algerbraic Equations, Graph interpretation, Angles. Plus some others i forget. It's not difficult.
  15. 5 years since i left school now

    cant say i remember anythin to do with Standard Form, Algerbraic Equations, Graph interpretation