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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Broker, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, this is the main bit i am worried about at selection,

    So i have a few questions :p

    What is the tst like? as in the first few questions and so forth? How hard does it get? I havnt done maths for a year and have some old school GCSE papers and a revision book, but im struggling to pick it up again :roll:
  2. well i got an 'f' in maths gcse in school and i passed it.

    first 10 questions are simple general add / subtract stuff. then goes on to some fractions etc. also have to work out a few percentages etc.

    im waiting for my date to start phase one for the royal engineers i had to get 21 to pass for engineer driver, i was told if you get 30 thats you set for most jobs in the army.

    good luck
  3. haha i remember getting 62 i think
  4. haha want a medal mate?
  5. he dident get 21 or 30 hes just saying thats whats what he needed
  6. I wasnt being a twat
  7. No thanks, I have 2 already so fuc off
  8. I was told the TST was straight forward.

    I had friends who passed it and they aint exactly bright. :)
  9. Thats good to know! I got a D in maths but that was in 2000! ive only had to do basic stuff since.
  10. Nobody needs to be worried about the TST's lads, its the last thing you do on your selection, after you finish that you will be getting a shower and getting into your sunday best for your interview, by that time the adreneline will be pumping and you will kinda know the guys anyway. you will be fine. Its a fun thing to do, the NCO's make it into a mission type enviroment and its light hearted. just offer encouragement and speak up, you dont have to be a natural leader, they arnt looking for that, they are just looking for input, if you are stood there and think, i could be doing something now, do something, even if its just saying "come on lads" then you will be fine
  11. nice..haha...i got 35... :lol:
  12. actually we did mine on the first day, before the run, we actually did it some time at around 9ish at nite, it was okay i mean, there was nothing to it. i didnt do any revision before i went it, basically some of it is down to common sense as well...so yu wud be fine,
  13. I've only known 2 people to fail the test. These 2 girls managed to fail the BARB test, they were not eligble for an trade in the Army. These two were absolutely fcuking mince though, pair of air heads. Blow in their ears to change their minds etc.
  14. hmmm.. im confused, you got 62? yet you can only get 55?
  15. you can only get 55 on the barb test?, as if