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Happy Easter Guys and Girls

I'm a newbie to this forum, but have a burning question. I have applied for Elec Warfare and Sys Tech, and after paasing all the tests so far and interviews. Have my selection at ADSC. Now the only thing really concerning me is my TST, at the moment i'm going through all me GCSE maths stuff. Is this the best course of action, or is there anything particular I should be revising?
i did well at GCSE maths but now at 21 i had obviously forgotten it all....reading over your old GCSE maths books will more than suffice i should think. But dont underestimate it, especially if it has been a while since you did GCSE maths !!!
no not immensly difficult, but i underestimated it, hoping that i could remember stuff from GCSE (i couldnt) so only just about scraped what i needed (35)
Thanks for your advice. Been 8 years since my GCSE's so better keep hitting the books. Oh one other question, not sure if you'll know the answer. I have very very mild exzema. Do you think this wouold be an issue during my medical.
if its not on your medical records mate then it shouldnt be an issue.....

funny you should ask, because i have just been deemed unfit for service due to my eczema. Has taken months and months and the final decision came through the other day. Fuckin Gutted....but my eczema is not mild but on the other hand i dont think its that bad..

anyway good luck fella!
Sorry if I sound like a complete biff but a few days before my Attestation i do a Basic Skills Test. Am i right in think this is just general maths and english questions?
yes the Basic skills test is just basic maths and english. The TST is a different beast. Are you sure you mean before your attestation? i did my basic skills before any of the selection process!
Thats how i though it went. Ive passed selection now and been given my date for starting Phase 1. I Recieved my joining instructions through the post a few days ago and it states thats i need to go to the Afco to do the Basic Skills Test and then a couple of days later i enlist.
Oh I feel for you mate, such a stupid thing to deem unfit for!! Was this on your medical records or was it from doing a medical? How come it took so long for them to decide?
it took so long because i my initial paper app was rejected so i appealed, then went to ADSC and was told i would have to go see a specialist. waited for an appointment with this 'specialist' who deemed me unfit. Like you say mate, an absolute Bullsh*t reason to be deemed unfit. Been in the T.A for 2 years and now the f*ckers are gonna have to kick me out because of this specialists decison! Double Blow

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