TST - Multiple Choice with Calculator


Just have a quick question regarding the TST:

Is it true the test is multiple choice with a calculator?

If so, it's just as good as giving you the answers (if it's multiple choice, then technically they are giving you the answers :lol:)


Oh, I certainly agree - I don't underestimate anything. It's just a load of my mind.

Currently revising GCSE Higher Maths, just in case.
I saw 'TST' and thought "Aha, a really interesting thread about Time Sensitive Targeting: this will be full of really interesting comments about how we can improve the process and include SIDeARM* as a default etc etc" - but alas no.

ITMatt said:
Currently revising GCSE Higher Maths, just in case.
Good grief.

*Invented by an ARRSEr with a brain the size of a small planet.
If you got A*- C in GCSE maths then you should have no problem. Oh and dont rely on the calcuator, it wont be thoes really good scientfic ones.

A little revision never hurt.

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