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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_Sapper, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Just curious to know about the TST, its says in my job brief that i need a minimum score of 21, i think its out of 50 (unsure) that doesnt really seem alot however i do know that im absolutely apalling at Maths and hate the stubject. Im just wondering if people found the test as hard as im very worried that it will be. I have took a GCSE Maths revision book out from the libary but even the easiest questions in there i seem to be getting wrong. I can only keep practising and hope that the test isnt that difficult. What was your opinion on it, are you good at maths anyway?

    Also another thing which is bugging me is the Military lesson and exam, are the questions hard to complete? Im just rubbish at remembering things thats all. And i really dont want failing something like spoil everything for me.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. The maths exam didn't seam that bad when i did it last September. Mind you if you're getting the easier question's wrong then i recommend you go back to that book.

    The lesson for me was quite easy. All you have to do is remember the key points.

    As for the math test i passed and i got a D in Maths.
  3. What is the answer to the question 1 + 1?

    if you can answer this correctly then you have passed the TST.

    To put it into perspective, the Artillery have to do it, so it has to be easy.
  4. i had no idea i was doing the TST until the day....totally forgot about my second choice job.Honestly its nothing to worry about..you are given a calculator and plus its multiple choice.In each section they start off easy and get progressively harder...but if i'm honest its basic maths.....but they touch on things such as standard form and algebra :? ..which i havnt learnt in a while.Just keep revising you'll be fine :thumleft:

    As for the Mil lesson....not much to say..not much thinkin required tbh.If so go over the points with the other lads the night before.
  5. Excellently put but totally wrong as the RA crewman doesnt need to sit a TST, like all the other Combat jobs except for the RAC who I believe have to get 1 on the test(unless its changed recently).

    All you can do is keep practicing the revision questions, I used to reccommend that book for my applicants who were going technical trades (or the other few that reqire a TST).

    Regarding the military lesson unless thats recently changed its a grenade lesson where they give characteristics of certain genades, weight, colours, safety information etc and then the following morning you have ten easy written questions on the lesson you had the day before.

    Dont panic.
  6. As the guy above says the Military exam part is still the grenade lesson, its 10 random questions that you are basically given the answers for the night before. Honestly dont worry about it as its not a pass/fail part of selection, just use some common sense and make sure you drum the answers into your head the night before, not hard.

    The TST is basically GCSE standard maths, very easy if you have not long finished school or are good at Maths. If however you haven't touched Maths since School, the only thing you can do is some proper revision. The TST is pass/fail, if you dont get the score your trade requires you definitely wont get the job. So bottom line is get a few hours revision in if your not confident with maths and dont worry about grenade test, its very easy.