TST for RAC Tank Crewman.

Is there a TST test for Tank crewman?
I did a search and all the threads seemed to say "i think there is" and were from a few years ago.
When I went into the Recruiting office a few weeks ago i was told that there wasnt one? so im a little confused.
So am I,what is a 'TST'?
Thank you.First test,where do you plug BV in? Joking aside,good luck.
Or go down the D&M route of the David Brown TN54 Epiyclic Gearbox with that whole theory talk about planets and the sun revolving around the moon etc etc, never understood that, but somehow passed my D&M instructors. Had the same thing with the TN37 box in the Challenger 1 previous to that.
;4876088]The right one, whilst flooring the accelerator.

Can you fire the big cannon while you're driving?

Not from Driver's compartment,unless you have arms like a gorilla.And you cannot drive MBT from Gunner's seat either.

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