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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Monkeyjizz, May 24, 2005.

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  1. i,ve got selection coming up in a weeks time and i'm going to have to do the tst maths test.

    is it easy or should i get stuck into the maths books, just need an idea of how to prepare, anyone done it recently?
  2. If your brain is larger than a grape it's easy. Or at least the last time I saw one of the papers it was and I must be honest it was a while ago.

    typical question.

    lairdx has £35.55 but spends £20.00 on his train ticket from Inverness. He spends 55pence on today's times at the kiosk at the station. How much does he have left to go drinking and whoring?

    Going to be a quiet night.

    There are a few 'situational questions' like that one and some basic sums of the format that used to crop up at school.

    If you are worried about it ask at the careers office for some idea what the current test is like.

    All the best
  3. What 'selection' are we talking about here?
  4. I assumed he was on about recruit selection.
  5. I think he might be talking about SF selection in which case he really wants to keep shtum and not mention about it on here...the briefing course usually tells people what to do in preparation....

    Probably someone wishing they were on selection more likely...lol
  6. As Jizzer refers to the tst maths test, I imagine he's referring to the Technician Selection Test which must be taken by recruits or re-trades wishing to enter any of the technical trades, eg Ammo Tech, Tels Tech etc. Infantry soldiers, RLC Drivers & Recy Mechs needn't attempt the test.

    MJ - If you've not recently done at least GCSE maths and got a reasonable grade (A/B) then you might want to pull out some maths books. There are some easy questions as Lairdx describes but there are also a few cheekier ones involving simultaneous equations, trigonometry, interpretting graphical results & sequences.

    I believe the test is out of 55 and you need to get at least 37 to pass. (I'm happy to be corrected by recruiting or AEC staff).
  7. Cadburys selection box?
  8. You dont do maths on THE SELECTION .So he must be doing '' join the army selection which means if you can by a round of beers for a tener your in
  9. Its 55 multiple answer questions like Lairdx said and the harder ones.

    With some of the questions you just ahve to look at the 5 choice answers and it stands out, with others the choice out of the 5 are so close you have to know the answer.

    I got 29 on mine and thats after 4 years of not doing any math after leaving school (i got a grade C GCSE).

    Ammo tech was my 2nd trade choice and i was told i needed to get 30 to pass for that. I think 30 or more is a pass for all techy trades.
  10. cheers for the advice, you sp*nk lunchers!
  11. Bullet fixer is right, i did the test a few weeks ago. I studied for about 5 hrs in total over 3 days on the BBC Bitesize website and passed with 45 out of 55. The highest mark you have to get is 35. Your recruiter should give u a paper detailing what will be on the test. Just use that and the BBC Bitesize website and you should pass.

    This is what you will be tested on *from the sheet i got from recruiter*

    Decimal Calculations
    Directed Numbers & Brackets
    Symbolic Expression
    Algebraic Brackets & Factorisation
    Algerbraic Fractions

    BBC Bitesize Website
  12. Got back from selection on 2nd of june, the tst was a piece of p~ss.

    bad news is now i gotta do at least 4 years in the army, oh well :)
  13. Which technician trade are you applying for?
  14. thats you for the next 4 years :D
  15. He'll go a long way.............................