Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ally133, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. hey, i have just been given my dates for rsc 11/12th october, and i am a little bit worried about the tst test! does anyone know what exactly is in the test? and if you get to use a calculator? i need a passmark of 35, is this easy to achieve? thanks in advance lads
  2. Don't sweat it. Its all elementary GCSE standard stuff. Its 50 questions, you do get a calculator and Im pretty sure you have 45 minutes to complete. The test covers algebra, problems, division and logig, witha few other bits and bobs. A basic knowlege of maths and methods will see you through. Are you going Royal Engineers or REME?
  3. The test includes
    Whole numbers, Decimal Addition, Decimal subtraction, Decimal Muliplication, Decimal Division, fraction division, fraction multiplication and divsion, fraction coversion, averages, rations, proportion/scales, perscetages, arithmetic rogression, standard from, significant numbers, volume, simultaneous equations, factrosiation, area, angles, transposition, graphical interpretation, prefixes, indices, precedence.

    and its multi guess, if you dont pass it you can go back down a month later and take it again. an old GCSE book is good enough for revison.
  4. am going on October 12th as well.
  5. nah im going sigs, systems engineer tech, cheers lads thats a big help, i betta start revising now then eh!