TST at RSC ... do I need to take it??

Following my previous post about my up comming selection dates... I have since heard that due to my job choices I will not need to take the TST (yes the dreaded maths test) at RSC.

My choices are RMP and Dog trainer for RAVC ... Is it true that I do not have to take the TST?? As I failed the test first time around back 3 years ago (for which i applied for geographical terrain analasyts for the RE and a ammuntion technition for the RLC), I have been revising my maths for a good few weeks now to ensure no slip ups, although I am going to continue my maths revision just in case they do chuck me in to the deep end at RSC. However, it would be nice to confirm whether I need to worry about the TST or not .. it would put me at a lot of ease :D

Frankie. :D
Crap I forgot maths and I did the GCSE about a month ago :O Results in August. I'd be on the safe side and revise a little bit, though I doubt the test is aimed at brain surgeons :D
Soozi said:
You should have been given 3 job briefs at your second interview. These say on one of the last pages if TST is required!

As I know the recruitment guys quite well now (well i have be liasing with them for 3 years almost now - lol) They pretty much said to me that 2 job choices will be fine for me as they know what my long term career goals are and they seem pretty adamant that I will get RMP due to my policing experience any way.

I have never been told about TST. The first i knew about the TST was when i first turned up to the RSC. So I was unprepared and unsuspected the need to take the maths test.... hence why i failed the test. lol
Frankie you definitely won't need to take the TST, it's pish anyway even if they do chuck you in it (if there's just you and couple not taking it they'll get you to do it for simplicity sake).

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