TSS??technical supply specialist

Discussion in 'REME' started by nitrox121, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Any one heard bout the new job TSS taking over from Tech storeman?
    it like gives more oppurtunity towards the Regi specialist in the future and doing the courses and stuff.
    just wondering what you thought of it?

    cheers :D
  2. Same job different name.
  3. There's a big article about it in the January Craftsman. Pretty much spells out all you need to know about it.
  4. What 's going to happen on the reunions the RS go toe to toe with the storeman troopers?
  5. Most likely lots of dress swapping! And sex swapping too!

    Correct title is Technical Support Specialist, or TS Spec. I suggested Tarmac Support Technician but was overruled! Don't know why?
  6. TSS - Technically Still Storeman
  7. Oi, Its about time we got a fancy name ;O)
  8. Technical Storeman WAS a fancy name!! Better than plain 'Storeman' as when I started. At least the Technical bit made us sound more intelligent than all the Inf, RA, RE etc Storemen!!!!
  9. Only sound mind! It was basically the same course!
  10. But we are technical, because after the 4 week course at deepcut we do a 2 day course at bordon. lol

    Its a good thing thought, ie for me as I want to head down the TSS route, get my training qualifications and get out of the stores.
  11. My Basic Trade course in 86 (not some newfangled Phase of Trg!!) was a healthy 7 weeks at Bordon. No RAOC muppets telling the REME how to run a store!!
  12. Technical Support Specialist. Comes into being on 1st April this year!
  13. TSS - Actually stands for Technical Support Specialist, (Stmn, RS and driver - without a pay rise!)
  14. Didums. :p
  15. I'm not whinging about it Vampire, I am now a civvy - left in 2005 after 22 years as an underpaid tech stmn. The TSS new trade is likely to benefit some with more chance of additional quals etc and a bit more variety in employment. However most of them will be over-burdened with additional tasks etc etc. Basically just another ridiculous cost cutting exercise turning 3 CEG'S into 1 because the powers to be have realised that they shouldn't have got rid of RS/RD. Why not have one trade in the REME - SuperMech