Tss no more atr postings

Discussion in 'REME' started by toonman, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Just recently heard that the corps are down full screw tss slots across the board and therefore there will be no more postings to an atr. Most of the people who have transferred over to tss are in there for exactly that to go to training units. Blokes are getting mislead when transferring over as there promised these postings at some stage but are now getting shoved into stores.
  2. A tech-storman being shoved into the stores...........god forbid! That's like a VM complaining that he is required to fix Landrovers.

    Perhaps if you were a bit brighter you wouldn't be a TSS.
  3. hmm there there there, heard also VMs are taking CSM appointments, etc

    stands to reason, in your last sentence there instead of they're or they are.

    Best get on a storemans course fella
  4. not all tss are storeman, i think they are split into mti and storeman im sure they combined them both together or did i dream that
  5. As for the intelligence comment, get fucked, to be polite. 6 A's at GCSE level and a couple of A-Levels, a Barb score of 88.

    Heard this today from somebody currently at an ATR. He said the infantry transfers were still getting MTI posts, just not everyone else. Thus making the whole TSS thing pointless, it just goes back to storeman and RS.
  6. There is no need for TSS in the REME. Any spastic can run a stores, as proven by the TSS.
  7. As a Tech Stmn (in old money) i personally think that trade was struggling quite well by itself with a lack of ability without merging it with another trade that lacked ability in its own previous callings, i.e. all the failed, didn't quite make senior Breacon, infantry men.

    How we as a Corps promote people who transferred from their original capbadges at Cpl/LCpl level because their cieling was Sgt, yet we make them RSM's and even commission them, is beyond me.

    I know some RD/RS transferred for genuine reasons, but most where because they would never have got to the equivalent rank in their own unit.

    That said the two 'trades' should never have combined, all we will have now is junior soldiers not particularily good or experienced at either side of the coin, having to get too many ticks in the boxes to progress, withless time actually doing the job. Most TSS want to do one side or the other so they should have been kept seperate.

    Although not an RD/RS fan we do need some form of MTI.

    As per Verticals post there are a lot of artisan CSM's doing the job quite well with a greater touch on reality. Also a lot of artisans doing AQ's jobs quite well too.

    Personally i think we should all sit a board with tradesmen being offered the choice of CSM or AQ, or all spend 4 yrs as WO2 doing a 2 yr slot in both roles, theres your future RSM's.

    As for shortages, about 49% down in Cpl TSS role.

    And i am genuinely thick, thank chuff for the Tech stmn role............what does OJ actually stand for?
  8. Regards my last post, there are some good RD/RS out there to be fair.
  9. 49% down on full screw TSS. Is that a fact or something you've made up?
  10. As of June this year that was a fact, and 27% short LCpls.

    Look around any Bn you will see a shortage of Cpl, LCpls.

    Some Bns have only 1 out of their 3 Sgts and 2 or 3 out of their 7 Cpl slots filled. Add the retrades and those rebadging across to TSS at Cpl/LCpl level with no experience except a dogshit 6 week course and it isn't surprising we are struggling quite badly manning wise in the JNCO areas and in the quality of service we are providing to the shop floor.
  11. I know when I was at battalion we were undermanned, but didnt realise it was a major problem. So whats happening with recruiting then? Does that make us a pinch-point trade?

    Also now with the "you have to do 3 years in rank", is there any leway on this?

    Edit: The battalions are always going to take a backfoot to the LAD's.
  12. Simple bin the LAD G10's, less a few types of unit, let the Ftr sects keep what they need for day to day use, all ET kit goes to parent unit. REME Bns have BG Tech Stores wagons equipped to support their relevant BGs within their Bdes. The BG LAD requests one, with accompanying TSS, as an IST to support its exercise/op. These wagons are loaded up with all STTE req'd by that BG, ready to deploy anywhere, anytime.

    Saves on manning and means we don't have shite loads of STTE laying about not getting used or lost, or having to be checked by people with better things to do with their time.

    This would allowthe Bns to be manned (whilst overall saving on manning) better with all TSS centralised and their careers better managed, with the chance to work in th etrg wing, cmd tp, TQs, CQs, etc
  13. But having two people in a G10 is a full time job to support there LAD. Each of my squadrons has most of my ET. And still it is a full time job for 2. So by moving us to a Bn, we will still be working full time to support that unit. It makes no sense.
  14. Word from REME MCM is that we are not doing MTI Posts due to the mass undermanning of not just CPls but across the board.

    The TSS was an idea by REME to bring more job vacancies to the Tech Stmn and RS Roles and to reduce manning flaws. as everyone is aware this backfired massivly and now the decission has been mad that for the forceable future MTIhas been suspended for serving TS Specs.

    Infantry soldiers transfering are only getting a 2-3 year inital post at an MTI slot after that you go into stores wether you want to or not.

    The TS Spec was also designed so that instead of having for example 13 Tech storeman and 10 Regt Specs in a battalion they can now have 18 TS Specs thus decreasing a battalions manpower, therfor saving money

    Ladies and Gentlemen get used to a shit life as a TS Spec its not going to get better only worse. Like Army-Rizzle said TSS is pointless.

    and the intelligence comment its a bit childish its not hard being a fitter a monkey can do it as for accountancy which is what a TS Spec has to do day in day out its a bit more complex
  15. Drifter 21

    Who is going to run the unit stores accounts if we all get pulled back to a battalion.

    Lets think a VM maybe............................. No the cant tie there shoelaces together without instructions. What about techs............... nope need to learn how to a days work first. Metalsmiths,Reccy Mechs, Armourers.......................... nope too busy playing solitare.

    If ya have an idea like that in the future keep it to yourself. The only way to resolve the manning issue is to install retention incentives (bonuses or something like that)