TSS Job Description

REME uses hundreds of tools and specialised pieces of equipment to keep the Army up and running. One of the roles of the Technical Support Specialist (TS Spec) is to look after this, and help the tradesmen and women get their job done right first time. You will also be responsible for delivering military training to your unit.

Having passed courses in Weapons Handling, Range Work, CBRN and Dismounted and Mounted Close Combat skills, you will then have to help train the remainder of your colleagues in these skills, which could save their lives on operations. You will have the possibility to progress all the way to Regimental Sergeant Major of a REME Battalion and beyond.
In reality no lol
Hahahaha! I'd love to see a few of the Tech Storemen I remember step away from the brew kit and biscuits, let alone try and teach "Mounted/dismounted Close combat skills"

Surely you could go to court for the MOD breaking the Trades Descriptions Act.
Did make me giggle, this whole TSS thing had good intentions but I still havent seen it being put to practice.
To be fair the Corps doesn't have much to work with. Aren't you all RLC from the 01st of April anyway?
They have me to work with :)

I will never wear the star!!
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