TSS Class 1 & Tour

My class 1 is due in May whilst I'm on tour. Ive heard of somebody being flown back for it before on Herrick 14 (I think) as its a short course, 5 or 6 weeks.

Anybody in the "know" confirm this happens?
Yes the TSS Cl 1 is 5-6 weeks.

Yes you can be sent on a short course whilst on tour.

However, if you are actually after confirmation that you are to be sent back from tour and for the exact amount of time you are on course can I suggest you either ask Mystic Meg or get your boss to confirm. (For the simple fact "C-C said I could be sent back from tour!" might not carry the same weight as paperwork from your OC.)
Before tour the course is in a couple of weeks, got too much pre-tour training going on. And after tour will be the first course of 2013 which then puts me behind my peers.
However, your section losing a tradesman for six weeks during an Op Tour doesn't seem to matter to you. Go study Adairs Action-Centred Leadership model, and have a think about which of the balls should be your (and your Commanders) priority.

You'd be getting a shit SJAR off me if you were trying to get off an Op Tour to do a career course which could easily be done six months later.
Its funny you know refer to me as a tradesman lol.
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